Posted by: Admin | July 5, 2018

The New School Year Has Started!

The new school year 2018-2019 has started and we are glad to inform you that its first three weeks have been running very smoothly. Brother Mark and Sister Rita Jantzi returned from the Philippines a couple of days ago and are pleased to report that the KMMS children are doing well and are happy to see their classmates again.

We are very blessed this year with four new teachers whose profiles we will be able to share with you in the weeks to come. Three of our last-year teachers were offered well-paid positions in the public school system and so three new ones joined us to replace them. One more teacher was hired to accommodate an additional grade as this year we are operating Kindergarten through 8th grade. God is truly moving us on!

Most of the children who attended KMM School last year have also returned this year. Even sixth graders that officially graduated from elementary school can be seen on the KMM School’s premises in the 7th grade. It is a joy to see them desire to continue their education. Some of our last-year’s students changed their residence and therefore their school and a few transferred to public or vocational schools. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors trusting the Lord that He will continue to keep them and guide them. We have also welcomed a number of new pupils from the underprivileged community and are looking forward to seeing them succeed.

Our sponsorship progress this year is as follows:

We appreciate all your continuous support. Without you, the running of the KMM School would be impossible. Thank you for being a part of this on-going, life giving work in the Philippines.

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