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The Work of God in the Philippines

Dear Brethren,

It has been a while since we last updated you on the work in the Philippines. We are pleased to let you know that the brethren are doing well, serving the Lord, and occupying till He comes. They have all been busy working in their respective areas.

Even though the doors of the Kingdom Message Ministry School closed, Brother Allan continues to visit the families of the children that once were part of this work. He and his wife also gather many children in the neighborhood every week and teach them the Word of God. He is also able to provide them with meals at the same time. We are very blessed to know that Brother Allan’s burden of training the children for the Lord has not diminished after the closure of KMMS but is ever-increasing.

In addition to overseeing a growing fellowship in his area, Brother Lito visits the home for boys that opened for the brethren about a year ago. They have the privilege to minister to boys whose lives had taken a wrong turn. The Word of God is touching these young ones for His kingdom and we pray they would grow into the mighty men of God.

We continue to support the various needs of the people of God in the Butuan area. A few more of the sisters are currently in the process of getting their teeth restored and their joy knows no measure. In addition to these, thanks to your generous donations, many brethren’s houses are having major repairs done. This will increase their safety from the storms that so often batter the Philippine islands.

Sister Merlinda, though living in Switzerland these days, was able to spend three months this spring in the Philippines together with her Sister Marissa. God has been using them in their homeland for many years now, ministering to the Philipino people. While there, they invited the former KMMS faculty and staff to Sister Merlinda’s home. Every one of these precious people is doing well. They all were able to land good jobs after KMMS but still think of us all.

Please continue to pray for these our brethren. They are under the same attacks that many of us suffer and appreciate you thinking of them and praying for them as they pray for you.

May the Lord bless you all!

Mark Jantzi
George Herrig
Pavlina Davis

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Progress of the Work in the Philippines

Dear Brethren,

As the work in the Philippines continues to progress and multiply, we would like to share with you some of the highlights of the labors that our brethren are involved in.

Brother Allan, former KMM School Counselor, continues to work with the families of the children that once were sponsored by many of you. Recently, he gathered all the first KMMS graduates, those students for whom the KMMS kindergarten doors first opened in 2010. They were able to spend time together and share the love of God. Can you remember these faces?


In May, there was a baptism held for seven souls that had given their lives to the Lord, including a couple of the former KMMS students. The baptism was followed by pot luck and God poured His blessing upon all individuals present.

New doors for the ministry have opened in the local home for boys. Brother Lito and Sister Merlinda were able to share the Word of God with these young people and several of them gave their lives to the Lord.

Also, it has been on our hearts to help some of the faithful sisters with their dental needs. As Philippine diet lacks many vitamins and minerals, it is very hard on people’s teeth and overall health. These sisters needed major work done on their teeth in order to ensure better health in the future. We are very blessed to know that we can have a small part in improving their lives.

We have also started a number of larger building projects. Several of the former KMMS families plus other individuals from local fellowships were in a dire need of either major house repairs or complete house rebuilding. Brother Lito has been in the process of building three new houses and Brother Allan is currently overseeing repairs of several houses in his area.

We have also learned that several of the former KMMS students are having difficulties paying school fees in their new schools for the next school year. We are planning on covering these expenses for them, including school supplies.

Finally, we help provide rice to the local fellowships on regular basis. It is always a blessing to see the happy smiling faces thanking us for the little we do for them. We continue to trust them into the hands of the Lord to supply all their needs.

For those of you who remember Brother Edmar and his labors with the young people in the Bible School, rest assured that their work continues to go on. They minister to many children and young people bringing souls to the feet of Jesus. Also, several of the original students started fellowships in other parts of Mindanao Island and continue to labor in the fields of the Lord.

The elders and their wives continue to meet together and seek the Lord for the direction of the church in the Philippines. Please pray that they would have wisdom to shepherd the people of God.

We trust that it brings joy to you to know that all your prayers and sacrifices of the past continue to bring forth fruit. Please continue to pray for our brethren in the Philippines that the Lord would be the number One in their lives and they would bring pleasure to Him in all they do.

If you have a desire to financially support the current work in the Philippines, you can do so by following this link.

May the Lord bless you and yours,

Brother Mark
Brother George
Sister Pavlina

2021 is well underway and we are here to report once again on the development of the students and staff of the Kingdom Message Ministry School. We are grateful to share that everyone is doing well and continuing in teaching and learning efforts amid the current pandemic.

As we have resolved ourselves to the fact that the school doors will not open to the students this school year, our teachers began pro-actively teaching in addition to their paper-phone activities. They started visiting their students at home and giving them private lessons. They hop on the back of the guidance counsellor’s motorcycle and off they go. We trust these lessons will give students better chances to succeed, especially in reading. This endeavor also gives the teachers opportunity to do one-on-one Bible studies with the children in order to address their spiritual needs. Thank you, teachers, for your willingness to go above and beyond your required duty!

The end of last year found KMMS flooded due to the tropical depression Vicky that hit the Caraga Region on the Mindanao Island. As you can see from the pictures, this major storm brought some damage to the school’s property; however, because of the labors of our dedicated employees, we were able to recover most of the items. Therefore, the expenses for the overall repairs were kept to a minimum.

Thanks to your generosity we continue to support the families with rice on a monthly basis. We are praying the Lord will multiply the little we can provide. We know there is nothing God would not do for those who love Him and seek His face.

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Thank you for being part of this worthy endeavor. We are confident your reward will be bountiful. May the Lord bless you and keep you by His mighty hand.

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KMM School at the End of 2020

Dear Brethren and Friends of Kingdom Message Ministry School,

As we are approaching the end of a very challenging year, we are pleased to let you know that all the KMMS staff, children, and their families are doing well. Though we have not been able to hold classes in person, we continue to cooperate with the parents in providing education to their children. We are blessed to know that our students can keep up with their studies and satisfy their grade level requirements.

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Since we have had to put a pause on our regular feeding program, we have determined to provide rice, a basic staple in the Philippines, to all of our KMMS families, including the teachers, on a monthly basis. They are very touched by your generosity as you can see in their happy faces below.

Recently, we have asked our teachers to share with you their experiences from this new way of instructing their students and are delighted to present you with their letters below (click on the teacher’s name to read their letter):

Sheryl M. Sabales (K)

Edgene N. Olalo (G1)

Jellyn H. Lara (G2)

Mae Adonis D. Artista (G3)

Helen G. Esito (G4)

Jocelyn P. Noel (G5)

Randy C. Calvo (G6)

Jay-Ann T. Mabaga (G7)


Thank you once again for showing your kindness to the KMMS children and their families.

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Beginning of the 2020-2021 School Year at KMMS

The new school year has finally started. After seven months of continuous postponement, the children are back to school; not face-to-face as would be our preference, but we are grateful they can resume their studies and continue to be educated for their future success.

Parents have been coming to the school premises in smaller groups to receive their children’s first books and worksheets. This arrangement will continue, due to COVID-19 restrictions, for as long as the Philippine government will deem necessary. Instead of chalk supplies, we purchased additional minutes for the teachers’ phones so that they can stay in touch with the children. We have all confidence that our capable faculty and staff will be able to make the best use of these unusual circumstances.

There have been some changes made to the KMMS general operation this school year. Before we are able to share these changes with you, we have to present you with some background information:

The education in the Philippines is grouped into three levels: elementary school (kindergarten–grade 6), junior high school (grades 7–10), and senior high school (grades 11–12). In order for a private school to operate junior and senior high schools, Philippine law requires the ownership of its own premises. Following is an excerpt from the official documents:

“In meritorious cases, a school may be allowed to lease its premises; however, a grace period may be allowed by the Department such that the private school concerned shall have: (1) acquired its own school site within five (5) years from the date of filing of the application for permit to operate; and (2) constructed school buildings/facilities on said school site within ten (10) years from the said filing of the application for permit to operate.”

For a number of years, we have prayed and considered acquiring our own premises, however, it doesn’t seem that the Lord is allowing us to go in that direction. Therefore, our “grace period” has come to an end and the government would not let us operate the 8th grade anymore this year. Also, we were informed that in 2021, we are only allowed to open the elementary school, i.e. kindergarten through grade 6.

In addition to these, public schools offer a special scholarship to high school children, who join them starting from grade 7. If the students enroll in grade 8, they are not eligible for this scholarship. It is no wonder that a number of our grade 6 students have decided to benefit from this opportunity and enroll in the public school for 2020-2021 season. We have, nevertheless, determined to open grade 7 this year for those children, who still desire to continue their education in KMMS; the last group of seven-graders.

In spite of all the changes, we are looking at educating some 120 pupils this school year. Their number will be finalized at the end of October as the Department of Education still allows enrollment to continue until then.

No words can express our joy of seeing both little and more mature lives changed for the better by the existence of KMMS. This year marks the 11th year of its operation. The number of children, who have passed through the doors of this institution and received its blessings and benefits, reaches several hundred. A number of them and their family members have dedicated their lives to the Lord and only the future will show how much they will prosper because of the generosity of you, the sponsors. Thank you for continuing this journey with us.

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School Opening & Building Upgrades

As the summer slowly reaches its end, we continue to pray that the Filipino children would be allowed back in school. Originally, the officials confirmed the children will not attend school until a vaccine to protect against Covid-19 would become available. Later, the beginning of the school year was set at August 24. However, as of now, this hope has been deferred to October 5. KMMS has scheduled parent’s orientation meeting for September 25 (to be held in small groups) to take the families through the complicated process of the upcoming school year. While some countries are considering not opening schools at all and calling 2020 a “dead” year, we trust Philippines will keep their start date in October. Please pray with us that the children are able to continue their education.

KMMS is planning a virtual Recognition and Graduation for September. As the 6th grade students (the elementary school graduates) missed their opportunity for their special day in March and the 8th grade students didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to each other, KMMS staff has been working with the parents on this special virtual event. We will send details to you as soon as they become available.

Even though the beginning of the school year has been postponed, it didn’t stop our diligent staff from upgrading the school premises. We are very pleased with all the work that has been done on the school buildings and trust you will enjoy seeing a few pictures of “before and after”.

Thank you very much for your sacrificial giving. None of these building upgrades would be possible without your sponsorship and donations. Also, our teachers would like to extend their “THANK-YOUS” to you for allowing them to be employed during these troublesome times. May the Lord bless you for all you do.

School Entrance

3rd Floor Terrace

Stage Area

Newly Painted Classrooms

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Newly Painted Administrative Offices

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New Teaching Arrangements Amid COVID-19

As the countries around the world are slowly opening up, they all face the question of how to approach education under the “new-norm”. The Philippines are no exception. Much has been discussed and proposals made and the school year beginning postponed from June to August. In the midst the children can’t wait to join their classmates for another grade adventure.

The KMM Schools will reopen for face-to-face classes on August 19. New changes include a smaller number of students being allowed on the school premises at one time. They will be required to follow the protocols of social distancing, wearing masks, proper hand washing and applying of disinfectants to desks, chairs, doors and other contact surfaces. The students will rotate in classes, receive instructions and complete their studies at home.

In the meantime, before the school year starts, KMMS will conduct modified “homeschooling” lessons. Teachers will print worksheets for their students based on their Learning Continuity Plan; the parents will pick these up and have their children work through them. On Fridays the parents will return the worksheets and receive new ones. Evaluations and examinations will be conducted to ensure the students understand their lessons.

We do not know exactly what the days and months ahead will bring, but we are confident that God has every one of them in His hands and will give the teachers wisdom how to help our children make another step in their education.

We want to sincerely thank you for your continued support. Thanks to your sponsorships and contributions we were able to keep our teachers employed through these challenging times, make building upgrades during the summer months and will be able to purchase school supplies and uniforms even for the non-sponsored students once the school reopens. Many of our students will be returning this new school term along with new students as well. Please continue to pray for the KMM School, its students, and the staff, as they adjust to these new standards that are being implemented throughout the Philippines.

May the Lord bless you for your continued generosity.

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KMMS Summer Reconstruction & Repair

Dear Sponsors and Donors,

This has been a most difficult time throughout the world and the KMM School has also been affected. All the schools in the Philippines closed two weeks before their school term ended and at the present time on Mindanao Island many of the residents are required to stay within their homes.

The KMMS is hopeful that the staff will be able to return to the school building in order to begin the repairs and reconstruction that are done annually while they are between yearly school terms.

We would like to present to you a list below of the repairs that are needed in the next few months plus some additional expenses for the beginning of the new school year:

2020 Reconstruction Budget

TOTAL OF ALL ESTIMATED BUDGET: 212,836.00 ($4,257)

Please note that the staff will be cleaning and painting all desks, tables, and bookcases. This is in addition to preparing their rooms for the new school session.

If you’re able to, and would like to contribute to the Summer Reconstruction & Repair project, please send your checks to:

Adirondack Christian Ministries
190 Fox Street
Esperance, NY 12066

Thank you all for your continued support for the KMM School. Your support is greatly appreciated. Many children’s lives are being changed through your generous contributions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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Greetings from the Philippines

Dear Sponsors & Donors,

In these troubling times when the world is seemingly spinning out of control, we are blessed to know that our God gives abundant peace to those who call upon His name. We pray His peace upon each and every one of you.

Even though Kingdom Message Ministry School has been shut down due to the COVID-19 and the whole Butuan City is locked down from neighboring areas, we are receiving news of everyone doing well and staying healthy. Thanks to a number of our generous donors we were able to send a special support to the KMMS staff, which enabled them to purchase emergency necessities that had otherwise been outside of their regular budget. Their excitement was beyond measure. They were very touched not only by receiving so much needed financial support, but also by knowing that somewhere on the other side of the world, there are people who care for their well-being.

Before the various countries closed their borders, Brothers Mark Jantzi and George Herrig were able to visit the Philippines and spend ten days ministering to the KMMS children, their families, staff, and brethren in the Butuan City area. They came back very encouraged by what they had encountered and how well everybody is doing. [You can read their detailed reports here.] As a result of their trip we can show you the precious faces of those who have greatly benefited from your sacrifices. Enjoy the pictures and may the Lord bless you for all you do for these children and their families.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Sending you smiles

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Thank You for Your Support in 2019

As the year 2019 is coming to an end, we are once again bringing you many greetings from the Philippines. Words cannot express our thankfulness to you all for your wonderful support during this year. Thanks to your prayers and generosity we have been able to teach 157 children who, under other circumstances, would never be able to prosper in such a way. Our prayer is that as we approach 2020 His blessings and presence would abide in you and in your homes.

As we look to the future of KMMS, we are “confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in Kingdom Message Ministry School will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Php 1:6).

Thank you for partnering with us as we bring the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the people of the Philippines.

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