Joesiel J.
(Mother of a 4 year old Joessah Jane who is attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

Greetings to you all, my brothers and sisters in Christ! I am Sister Joesiel Juntilla, mother of Joessah Jane. I am here in this school because one of my daughters has a privilege as an indigent.

I am very thankful to God because if this foundation school was not built here, my daughter could not go to school because my husband is only a laborer and sometimes has no work as a laborer. We couldn‘t afford that; even sometimes our needs are not being met. But I praise and am still thankful to God that through this school of Sister Merlinda we the poor people or indigent children have the privilege to go to this school.

As I attended the Saturday fellowship in this Kingdom Message Ministry, I understood and experienced it how important God is and His Word (Bible) in our life, especially as a child of God, to have a living intimate relationship with Him.

I also observed that some children who don’t hear the Word of God and Bible stories are very different compared now with my daughter that she even reminds me always to pray, before eating and sleeping. My daughter now even doesn’t like to hear bad words from her playmates.

So I am very thankful to God for all the changes of my daughter and even myself. God change me, and through the Kingdom Message Ministry and this school I know God and I feel His presence and drawing me to Him and even helping and delivering me from my problems. But I am also very thankful to God for the trials that come to my life because this is the way of calling Him always that we will not forget Him. Bible says, “Ask and it shall be given, knock and it shall be opened.“

Now my whole life and my whole soul I give unto God, for He is my God and my Jehovah Jireh, the great provider. He is also my comforter, He blesses me and my family. Especially it’s my great joy that through this Ministry, God directs my path and my spiritual life and I believe this is the will of God for me. Despite I am a sinner, Jesus wants me to be saved. And the kingdom message is an intrument given by God in my life so that I will be saved and have a living, personal relationship with Jesus.

I will give back praises, honour and glory to God alone who is a living God.

More power to everyone. We pray that God blesses us all.

Josie A.
(Mother of a 4 year old Jordan Roy A. who is attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

I am so thankful to God that the Kingdom Message Ministry came to the Philippines.

Since I attended every Saturday fellowship, I have learned a lot about the Word of God and I know now how to read the Bible. And the praise and worship song draw me nearer to God.

Since I read Bible, I said to God, “You are so good, Oh, Lord!” Because I even see my child learn a lot, too, of memory verses. And I even noticed it that my son really changed and know now the difference between a Bible and a book. My son really changed a lot since he listens and learns a lot of the Word of God.


Lorna T.
(Mother of a 5 year old Florena Yuo T. who is attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

Greetings of peace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom Message School is a Christian Education and nurture. This school plays a vital part in shaping and directing our children to Christian life and corporate witness to the world.

With this, we the parents of Florena Yuo T. would like to thank you for the heartful support. We believe that God calls you to do such help to our children in which you have been involved.

Train up the child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it (Proverbs22:6).

May the Lord bless and keep you always.

Leonarda G.
(Mother of a 5 year old Kenneth G. and a 7 year old Mark Anthony A. who are attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

I am Leonarda G. with 2 sons in Kindergarten II. I am thankful so much that the Kingdom Message Ministry Merlinda’s School is being built here because the children here learn a lot, especially knowing God and His Word.

As a parent, I am so thankful, too, for free school supplies, especially free tuition fees.

Thank you, Ma‘am Merlinda, also to the teachers and the missionaries.

Marlyn deC.
(Mother of a 4 year old Kurt Rico F. deC. who is attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

First of all, I want to thank God because He is good in my life. I want also to thank the founder/president of this school because it is a great help to me as a single mother. It‘s very difficult for me to send my son in the school because I have no work. Sometimes I will only have small money, if my mother gives me. But still it’s not enough for my needs. So I am trying to sell something so that I will have some amount of money to pay also for the transportation.

I am very blessed with this school because my son learned a lot of the Word of God and besides, this school is very cheap. It is very affordable especially for the poor children. But my son qualifies for the indigent for free tuition fees. So I am very thankful; it’s a great help for the poor children and the indigent (very poor) that they can go to school. I am also thankful for the feeding once a month for the children and even us, mothers, are being fed.

And I pray and believe that this school would be a blessing to many children. Also, I pray that God will also bless the teachers that they may continue to teach the children very well and discipline. That they may continue to have patience for the children.

I also speak blessings upon Sister Merlinda’s life in helping us and that God will always protect her and have always a good health.

Thanks a lot and God bless.

Jocelyn M.
(Mother of a 6 year old Jomir Ceasar M. who is attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

Good day and God bless from one of the parents of Kindergarten II. My son is being enrolled here in this Kingdom Message Ministry Merlinda’s School.

I really appreciate all of the good things that have happened, especially in Christian learning of my son. He knows now verses and a virtue of respectful, loving son; in the part of the faculty, especially the founder/president, Sister Merlinda P. Berongoy, she has just a very good heart (very kind) very supportive to the children and the parents. The teachers also teach children so well. So I am very thankful to God that my son is being part of this school.

Jennelyn B.
(Mother of a 6 year old Andrei B. who is attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

Good morning/afternoon. When the enrollment started, I went to central school, after I passed in this Kingdom Message school, I got the information and I like it. So it’s a blessings that I sent my son in this school because he learned a lot of the memory verses.

Secondly, I myself know now how to open the Bible. Every Saturday fellowship I take down the verses which I have learned. I sing praises and worship songs even if I am alone. Sometimes I create a song that relates to God. I am just very happy. So I am very thankful to God that He guided me to this school.

Sharon T.
(Mother of a 6 year old Bob T. who is attending Merlinda’s school for the indigent children)

Hello, I am Sharon T., 29 years of age. My husband’s name is Bobby, age 34. I have 3 children and we live in Ampayon, Butuan City where the school is located.

I am very thankful to sister Merlinda because my son qualifies as an indigent. I am even very thankful, too, to the teachers because the students or the children here learn more lessons everyday.

I have hope for my son that he learns more. In everything he does, he always sings for the Lord, also. I am very happy. And the character and the attitude of the children here I am speechless.

Thank you, Sister Merlinda.

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