The Beginnings
When our missionary team first arrived in the Philippines several years ago, God informed us of His desire for these native people to be involved in His business of perpetuating and building the Kingdom of God. There were many dreams and visions given in the course of time and with each reoccurring visit in regards to that intent. God was saying that He was going to use this land and this people to evangelize and spread the word of the Kingdom to Southeast Asia. As it was in World War II, the Philippine Islands were going to be something of a staging ground for that operation. Read more

History of the School
Kingdom Message Ministry Foundation was started by Merlinda Muhmenthaler-Berongoy, of Filipino origin, who had lived in Switzerland since 1988, but moved back to the Philippines in April 2010. She went with a great burden in her heart for the gospel of the Kingdom of God to be brought to the Philippine islands. Read more

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