Posted by: Admin | June 24, 2022

Progress of the Work in the Philippines

Dear Brethren,

As the work in the Philippines continues to progress and multiply, we would like to share with you some of the highlights of the labors that our brethren are involved in.

Brother Allan, former KMM School Counselor, continues to work with the families of the children that once were sponsored by many of you. Recently, he gathered all the first KMMS graduates, those students for whom the KMMS kindergarten doors first opened in 2010. They were able to spend time together and share the love of God. Can you remember these faces?


In May, there was a baptism held for seven souls that had given their lives to the Lord, including a couple of the former KMMS students. The baptism was followed by pot luck and God poured His blessing upon all individuals present.

New doors for the ministry have opened in the local home for boys. Brother Lito and Sister Merlinda were able to share the Word of God with these young people and several of them gave their lives to the Lord.

Also, it has been on our hearts to help some of the faithful sisters with their dental needs. As Philippine diet lacks many vitamins and minerals, it is very hard on people’s teeth and overall health. These sisters needed major work done on their teeth in order to ensure better health in the future. We are very blessed to know that we can have a small part in improving their lives.

We have also started a number of larger building projects. Several of the former KMMS families plus other individuals from local fellowships were in a dire need of either major house repairs or complete house rebuilding. Brother Lito has been in the process of building three new houses and Brother Allan is currently overseeing repairs of several houses in his area.

We have also learned that several of the former KMMS students are having difficulties paying school fees in their new schools for the next school year. We are planning on covering these expenses for them, including school supplies.

Finally, we help provide rice to the local fellowships on regular basis. It is always a blessing to see the happy smiling faces thanking us for the little we do for them. We continue to trust them into the hands of the Lord to supply all their needs.

For those of you who remember Brother Edmar and his labors with the young people in the Bible School, rest assured that their work continues to go on. They minister to many children and young people bringing souls to the feet of Jesus. Also, several of the original students started fellowships in other parts of Mindanao Island and continue to labor in the fields of the Lord.

The elders and their wives continue to meet together and seek the Lord for the direction of the church in the Philippines. Please pray that they would have wisdom to shepherd the people of God.

We trust that it brings joy to you to know that all your prayers and sacrifices of the past continue to bring forth fruit. Please continue to pray for our brethren in the Philippines that the Lord would be the number One in their lives and they would bring pleasure to Him in all they do.

If you have a desire to financially support the current work in the Philippines, you can do so by following this link.

May the Lord bless you and yours,

Brother Mark
Brother George
Sister Pavlina

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