Posted by: Admin | April 15, 2018

Progress of the KMM School

Dear Sponsors and Friends of Kingdom Message Ministry School,

It is with great joy to write this letter concerning the KMM School in the Philippines and the progress that is being made.

At present we have 205 children at the school and their 2017-2018 school term has just ended. Their summer months are in April and May. The new school term of 2018-2019 begins the second week of June.

It has been a very successful year with our second graduation of sixth graders. (In the Philippines, K-6 is elementary, 7-9 is middle school and 10-12 is high school.)

As we have labored in twice-yearly visits at the KMM School, we marvel at its growth and upward progress. The school continues to expand each year beginning with an 8th grade this coming school term. We have also negotiated a new 3-year lease with the landlord. With this new lease we have also acquired the use of another floor in our second building. It was with our previous lease that we began occupying the first floor of the second building. This additional floor will help with extra space to accommodate our growth up to the tenth grade level.

We will begin in April with summer school for those who are in need of reinforcement in reading as well as our summer repairs and reconstruction.

Each year as we add on a grade, it also requires the hiring of an additional teacher. We are very blessed with our current group of teachers and staff at the KMM School. They are very committed and diligent in their vocation to teaching the children. All but one of them will be returning for the new school year.

The greatest blessing is seeing the growth of our children at the school. This will be our 9th year of operation so many that started in Kindergarten will now be in the 8th grade. Many of the children and their parents have expressed great appreciation for the KMM School and the sponsors who enable their children to partake in a private school that, without our help, it would be impossible for them to have a quality Christian education.

Please be assured, beloved sponsors (for that is what they call us in the Philippines), that your contributions and sponsorship of the children is making this all possible.

Thank you and God bless you.

Brother George Herrig
On behalf of the KMMS Stakeholders

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