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New KMMS Teachers

The school year of 2018-2019 is progressing very well with 220 pupils in 9 grades. Some of the grades run morning and afternoon sessions with two different groups of children, others hold all day classes. Our teachers are not only busy with regular lessons, but also special programs and celebrations prescribed by the Department of Education, for example Language Month and Nutrition Month Celebrations.

Language Month Celebration

Nutrition Month Celebration

We are very grateful for this year’s group of teachers. Their dedication and enthusiasm for their jobs and especially for making a difference in the lives of KMMS children is a pleasure to watch. In addition to teaching regular school subjects, they are also very dedicated to teaching the Word of God to the little hearts.

We would like to introduce to you our new teachers who joined us this school year.

Sheryl M. Sabales (Kindergarten)

Sheryl is 23 years old, is married and has a 9 months old son. Her husband, Michael, works for his mother in a public market.

Sheryl comes from a family of 9; she has 3 brothers and 5 sisters. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Caraga State University and the current school year is her first year of teaching. She lives close to the school so she doesn’t have to spend much time traveling to and from work.

Sheryl very much enjoys singing and dancing. Teaching is her passion. She likes teaching everything, but science has a special place in her heart. Above all, her greatest desire is to impart the Word of God to the hearts of the children. Most of her classes are taught in English except, when needed, Filipino is used. She gives her all in everything she does.

Jay-Ann T. Mabaga (Grade 1)

Jay-Ann is a single 21 year old who lives with her parents in Doongan (within 1 hour distance from KMMS). She is the 2nd oldest of 6 children; she has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. She loves reading, she also loves children, and has compassion for the poor.

Jay-Ann completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education in Agusan College Incorporated (ACI). As can be seen from her choice of a bachelor’s degree, she prefers to teach older children, but feels that it is God’s plan for her to work in Kingdom Message Ministry School at this time. She teaches in English, yet speaks in her mother tongue when it is needed for better understanding. Her favorite subjects are Biology and English. This is her first year of teaching.

Jay-Ann loves teaching. She believes learning is a big part of a child’s life and she wants to have a part in it.

Maria Victoria Ebuna (Grade 2)

Maria is a single 23 year old and lives in Magallanes with her parents and one sister. She has to travel quite a long distance to get to school. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Secondary Education in Northern Mindanao Colleges in Cabadbaran and came to KMMS with one year of experience in another private school.

Maria wanted to be a teacher since her 3rd grade when she got inspired by her teacher. Even though she prefers to teach high school level, she is very grateful for her job at KMMS as this position gives her the opportunity to follow her dream job and passion. She really enjoys teaching Science and Biology but also MAPEH (music, art, physical education, and health). She instructs her pupils mostly in English, but uses her mother tongue as needed; for example, one student in her class doesn’t speak any English.

Maria plays some guitar and likes to sing in a choir. We are very grateful to have her on board this year.

Christeline D. Alcuizar (Grade 6)

Chisteline is a single 24 year old. She lives with her grandmother very near the school. She is the 2nd oldest of a family of 7. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Elementary Education in Caraga State University and has one year of teaching experience. She loves to teach children, especially the little ones. She loves to teach English and Filipino, instructs mostly in English, but switches to her mother tongue for better understanding

Growing up Christeline herself was a sponsored child, like a majority of KMMS children. She received her scholarship from the Municipality of Butuan City. Christeline is very confident and really enjoys teaching. She has two dreams – she would love to travel around the world and learn how to drive.

New KMMS Teachers

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