Posted by: Admin | September 12, 2013

Parents’ Contribution to the School

The parents of the children in our school were given a wonderful idea to provide a safer environment for their children while on the school premises. They built a fence to separate the school yard from the busy road.

When we asked, “How did you get this idea?”, they responded:

Beloved Sponsors and Brethren,

God is good. We as parents are very glad for the opportunity that God has given to us for our children. We are grateful for His kindness that through you we have benefited of His grace. He sent our children to this Christian School, the Kingdom Message Ministry School, Inc., and we, the parents, are very happy and pleased with the teaching that is provided to our children, both in God’s lessons as well as academics. We are grateful to the Faculty, Staff and the School Guard that they are approachable and kind.

Since the school is just right beside the highway, we were looking for the safety of our children. That is why the PTCA (Parents, Teachers and Community Association) officers raised funds for the fence project as our way of contributing and participating with the school. We thank God for the accomplished plan. Glory to the Lord God Almighty.

We want to thank the faculty and staff for their support of this project. Also, our gratitude goes to all the parents who willingly and generously contributed their little means. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much and God bless.

With warm greetings to you all,
PTCA Officers and all the parents

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