Posted by: Admin | October 4, 2013

Math and Science School Celebration

September 26 marked another one of the mandatory programs prescribed by the Filipino law for all public and private schools. This one was called, “Math-Sci Is Our Pride, Our Hope and Our Future.” Each grade level rendered their presentation of songs, games as well as question and answer quizzes that fit well with the Math and Science subject areas.

The main purpose of this program was to pass the understanding that mathematics and science are for everyone and all students can develop a useful understanding of these; also, that having a strong background in math and science will prepare the children for higher education and can open doors to greater opportunities over a lifetime.

Together with today’s school activity we conducted the Parent’s Day. Special Certificates of Participation were given to those parents who rendered their support to the school during the first few months of this school year. Also, the honored students of the first and second grading period received their recognition.

We topped the program with the second September feeding. Praise the Lord! Grade 3 parents prepared the meal, which included rice, chicken, bihon (rice noodles), and drinks. It was very yummy.:-)

Finally, following you can see a few smiling faces enjoying our mid-September extra feeding that was made available. Our thanks to one of our generous donors. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your support means a lot to us.

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We are so very grateful to God for all your love, support and labor for the work of the ministry in the Philippines. Thank you, Brethren and Sponsors.

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