Posted by: Admin | September 12, 2013

National Language

Hello again from the Philippines. The school year has been progressing well, keeping us busy with not only basic academics but also mandatory programs prescribed by the Filipino law. You see, all registered private and public schools must follow the governmental list of activities in order to provide the children with the desired education. The calendar of activities with specific “themes” is provided and each school is responsible for following the guidelines. In August, the main theme was called “Buwan ng Wika” or “National Language.” This activity was aimed at increasing Filipino language and civic awareness, ensuring and promoting the development and further enrichment of the language as well as enjoining the children and their parents to value it. [Note: Philippines are a country with some 120 to 175 languages, but only two of them are considered official: Tagalog, referred to as Filipino, and English.]

We had a contest prepared for the children, which consisted of solo and choral songs and poems. The program was opened by a Christian song sang by a selected children’s ministry offering God the whole life, heart and soul. When the actual contest started, the children were challenged to perform well as there were awards awaiting the winners. In addition to the children, the parents contributed their part with different Filipino languages. At the very end of the program, faculty and staff rendered a song to the Lord that told about “His love towards all men” together with some Filipino songs.

September will bring another mandatory program, this time called “Science and Math.” We will keep you updated. 🙂



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