Posted by: Admin | August 21, 2013

Feeding Program Pictures. Again?

You may wonder why we so often show you pictures of our feeding programs. Children eating rice; children eating chicken; children drinking juice. The things that may seem so insignificant to some are very important events to others. Most of the children in our sponsorship program are not able to afford meals that consist of more than white rice with a sprinkle of soy sauce. As a matter of fact, some of them find themselves in situations where they sometimes cannot attend the classes due to the lack of food in their house and therefore not having enough strength to make it through the busy school day. It has been our desire to be able to offer them more than just one feeding a month which has been made possible thanks to our sponsors. This month, one of our sponsors provided money for an extra feeding. What a blessing! The officers from the parent’s group were in charge of cooking and serving. The meals consisted of rice, soupy chicken adobo (sauce), a slice of watermelon and juice. The meal was yummy and the children enjoyed it very much. See for yourselves. 🙂 Thank you, Elisabeth, for your generous donation!

Note: One feeding program costs $85 for all our children combined. If you would like to donate towards an extra feeding, you may do so by following this link.

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