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Mission Trip – February/March 2012

Hello again from the Philippines! This time, we have a number of exciting news to share with you.

Quezon City 1

In February/March our ministry team traveled to the Philippine islands. Their journey took them three weeks. They started off in Manila, holding meetings in one of its suburb cities north of Manila called Quezon City. The meeting hall consisted of about 50% children (about 30 or 40 of them), mostly between 3-12 years old. On each of the three days of meetings Sister Nancy ministered to these little ones with Bible stories, exhortation and songs. As far as the adult congregation was concerned, there was a need for straight out foundational teachings on salvation and the basics of the Bible itself. When we asked how many Bibles were available in the room, only two or three Bibles were raised.

Cebu 2

Leaving Manila, our team flew to Cebu City. The meetings were very good from the standpoint of the richness of the Spirit of God. The worship and praise was also very sweet. The spoken word was coming forth with more power and on a deeper level. At the beginning of each meeting, Sister Nancy brought a teaching for the little children which was well received. There were many little ones in these meetings but not as many as in Quezon City.

Butuan City 1

The next stop was Butuan City. The first day of meetings started off with a bang. It was nearly a full room (Merlinda said she fed 185). Since there were so many children (at least 45-50), Sister Nancy had a children’s program before the messages of both the morning and the afternoon sessions. The second and concluding day of meetings was held on Sunday. The crowd was not quite as large (160). There was good liberty to preach and a good variety of interpreters available. One of the themes that was being preached both in Butuan City and at Cebu was the necessity of the people to have Bibles in their hands and be using them to study the Word of God. The children in Butuan had more familiarity with the Word than in the previous locations.

Bangonay Altar Call

On Monday morning, the team were off in Merlinda’s new van to Brother Edmar’s fellowship in Bangonay (one and ¼ hour drive south of here) for the remainder of ministry in this area. The major attendees were his Bible school students from his nearby school in Santiago. There was a response in one of the meetings in which nearly all of the students came forward as an act of dedicating their life to God’s calling. These are a wonderful group of students, mostly in their early 20s. They have tender hearts and a desire to learn.

Graduation 3

The next day was taken by the celebration closing the school year for the next two months of the Kingdom Message Foundation School. The graduation was celebrated for the kindergarten, a tradition in the Philippines. The certificate for these students had to be signed and handed out by an official from the Department of Education. After the white gowned and capped kindergartners were given their “diplomas,” the awards were given to all of the students. Every student was given a ribbon acknowledging their strengths in the study program. Every class also put on some performance: singing of hymns, reciting Bible verses, or acting out a story. About noon a fabulous meal was served to everyone. The ministry team had good fellowship with the families, getting acquainted with some who are being sponsored. The Department of Education Official, who has oversight of all private schools in the city, said that this school is regarded as a good one. We had opportunity to observe the teachers with their students and the principal as well. They are a most delightful and energetic staff of young exuberant women. The children respond very well to them.

One of the things that came upon us very strongly on this trip was a great burden for the children of the land of Philippines. We realized more than during any of our previous visits that God has placed a wonderful responsibility upon us to minister to these little ones the Word of God that has power not only to change and form their lives but also to bring about a change in their land. We are going to press towards establishing more schools, after-school activities, orphanages, and such. Please pray with us so that all of us together would be able to accomplish that which is in God’s heart for the Philippines.

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