Posted by: Admin | March 30, 2012

Provision for Indigent Families

The continual need to support the school for the indigent children and a desire to be able to help their families has led Merlinda Muhmenthaler-Berongoy to start a new business called Jireh Juice Manufacturer. This operation currently employs 11 workers and has done very well during its first weeks of existence. Among the employees, you can find several mothers of the indigent children enrolled in our school program and their older daughters.

In addition to the company selling its products directly, each employee receives a commission any time they manage to sell as little as one bottle of juice. We are very glad to know that more of the indigent families can now find provision for their daily needs.

Merlinda carries a great burden for the people of the Philippines and wants to see as many as possible brought to the feet of Jesus. She believes that showing her faith in action by helping the indigent community will help the poor to see the life of Jesus. And they do. The employees of Jireh Juice Manufacturer were so blessed by finding work that they gave their lives to the Lord and were baptized.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for the work of God in the Philippines.

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