Posted by: Admin | February 22, 2012

Another Reason to Praise the Lord!

The month of January was busy with a number of events. Two of these special events were the tribal feedings. Feeding programs have become an important part of our operation. Anytime we can gather enough finances, a large amount of wholesome food is purchased and delivered to the remote tribal villages. We wish there was more we could do for these precious people, but unfortunately we do not currently have enough capacity to provide them with better education and jobs so that they would be able to fully provide for themselves. Another thing we dream of for the future… We are not sad, though. These people are in God’s hands and we are determined to do the part that He has assigned for us to do at this moment.

As our last tribal feeding was in August 2011, you can imagine our January’s excitement to be able to share meals, clothing, and toys with two tribes in one month! However, we do not come to them with natural means only. We use the natural to be able to bring to them the spiritual food. Each of the feedings were accompanied by a gathering unto the Lord. We were given the opportunity to share the gospel of the Kingdom with them, encouraging them not only to give their lives to the Lord, but also to build a close personal relationship with Him. Our hearts were filled with gladness as we drove back home. See the joy on the faces of our friends for yourself…

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