Posted by: Admin | October 8, 2020

Beginning of the 2020-2021 School Year at KMMS

The new school year has finally started. After seven months of continuous postponement, the children are back to school; not face-to-face as would be our preference, but we are grateful they can resume their studies and continue to be educated for their future success.

Parents have been coming to the school premises in smaller groups to receive their children’s first books and worksheets. This arrangement will continue, due to COVID-19 restrictions, for as long as the Philippine government will deem necessary. Instead of chalk supplies, we purchased additional minutes for the teachers’ phones so that they can stay in touch with the children. We have all confidence that our capable faculty and staff will be able to make the best use of these unusual circumstances.

There have been some changes made to the KMMS general operation this school year. Before we are able to share these changes with you, we have to present you with some background information:

The education in the Philippines is grouped into three levels: elementary school (kindergarten–grade 6), junior high school (grades 7–10), and senior high school (grades 11–12). In order for a private school to operate junior and senior high schools, Philippine law requires the ownership of its own premises. Following is an excerpt from the official documents:

“In meritorious cases, a school may be allowed to lease its premises; however, a grace period may be allowed by the Department such that the private school concerned shall have: (1) acquired its own school site within five (5) years from the date of filing of the application for permit to operate; and (2) constructed school buildings/facilities on said school site within ten (10) years from the said filing of the application for permit to operate.”

For a number of years, we have prayed and considered acquiring our own premises, however, it doesn’t seem that the Lord is allowing us to go in that direction. Therefore, our “grace period” has come to an end and the government would not let us operate the 8th grade anymore this year. Also, we were informed that in 2021, we are only allowed to open the elementary school, i.e. kindergarten through grade 6.

In addition to these, public schools offer a special scholarship to high school children, who join them starting from grade 7. If the students enroll in grade 8, they are not eligible for this scholarship. It is no wonder that a number of our grade 6 students have decided to benefit from this opportunity and enroll in the public school for 2020-2021 season. We have, nevertheless, determined to open grade 7 this year for those children, who still desire to continue their education in KMMS; the last group of seven-graders.

In spite of all the changes, we are looking at educating some 120 pupils this school year. Their number will be finalized at the end of October as the Department of Education still allows enrollment to continue until then.

No words can express our joy of seeing both little and more mature lives changed for the better by the existence of KMMS. This year marks the 11th year of its operation. The number of children, who have passed through the doors of this institution and received its blessings and benefits, reaches several hundred. A number of them and their family members have dedicated their lives to the Lord and only the future will show how much they will prosper because of the generosity of you, the sponsors. Thank you for continuing this journey with us.

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