Posted by: Admin | December 7, 2020

KMM School at the End of 2020

Dear Brethren and Friends of Kingdom Message Ministry School,

As we are approaching the end of a very challenging year, we are pleased to let you know that all the KMMS staff, children, and their families are doing well. Though we have not been able to hold classes in person, we continue to cooperate with the parents in providing education to their children. We are blessed to know that our students can keep up with their studies and satisfy their grade level requirements.

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Since we have had to put a pause on our regular feeding program, we have determined to provide rice, a basic staple in the Philippines, to all of our KMMS families, including the teachers, on a monthly basis. They are very touched by your generosity as you can see in their happy faces below.

Recently, we have asked our teachers to share with you their experiences from this new way of instructing their students and are delighted to present you with their letters below (click on the teacher’s name to read their letter):

Sheryl M. Sabales (K)

Edgene N. Olalo (G1)

Jellyn H. Lara (G2)

Mae Adonis D. Artista (G3)

Helen G. Esito (G4)

Jocelyn P. Noel (G5)

Randy C. Calvo (G6)

Jay-Ann T. Mabaga (G7)


Thank you once again for showing your kindness to the KMMS children and their families.

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