Posted by: Admin | June 19, 2020

New Teaching Arrangements Amid COVID-19

As the countries around the world are slowly opening up, they all face the question of how to approach education under the “new-norm”. The Philippines are no exception. Much has been discussed and proposals made and the school year beginning postponed from June to August. In the midst the children can’t wait to join their classmates for another grade adventure.

The KMM Schools will reopen for face-to-face classes on August 19. New changes include a smaller number of students being allowed on the school premises at one time. They will be required to follow the protocols of social distancing, wearing masks, proper hand washing and applying of disinfectants to desks, chairs, doors and other contact surfaces. The students will rotate in classes, receive instructions and complete their studies at home.

In the meantime, before the school year starts, KMMS will conduct modified “homeschooling” lessons. Teachers will print worksheets for their students based on their Learning Continuity Plan; the parents will pick these up and have their children work through them. On Fridays the parents will return the worksheets and receive new ones. Evaluations and examinations will be conducted to ensure the students understand their lessons.

We do not know exactly what the days and months ahead will bring, but we are confident that God has every one of them in His hands and will give the teachers wisdom how to help our children make another step in their education.

We want to sincerely thank you for your continued support. Thanks to your sponsorships and contributions we were able to keep our teachers employed through these challenging times, make building upgrades during the summer months and will be able to purchase school supplies and uniforms even for the non-sponsored students once the school reopens. Many of our students will be returning this new school term along with new students as well. Please continue to pray for the KMM School, its students, and the staff, as they adjust to these new standards that are being implemented throughout the Philippines.

May the Lord bless you for your continued generosity.

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