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Philippine Mission Trip Report II – June/July 2016

Dear Brethren,

Greetings to all of you today.

It is now Monday, July 4. We, the mission team, are at the airport in Butuan waiting to board our plane that will take us to Manila. There  we will spend the night in a hotel. We will be leaving early Tuesday morning for our flights back to the USA.

Since our last report we have been quite busy. The schedule has been full and we have basically been going non-stop since we have arrived. The meeting schedule has been quite full having had 16 meetings in 8 days. Although it has challenged all of us, both physically as well as spiritually, we can say that the presence of Elohim has been mighty in our midst and very evident.

Sunday, June 26th, we traveled for an hour outside of Butuan City to Brother Ben’s fellowship. It is a small fellowship that is somewhat off the beaten path and the road that takes us there is not in the best condition, especially since it is the rainy season and everything is quite wet and muddy. The road itself is very narrow and has many pot holes which are filled with water. There are rice fields that are on both sides of the road and at times these encroach upon the road itself.

It was not our first time at this fellowship and we have made this journey several times before. The brethren have always welcomed us with open arms and seem to appreciate the word that we are bringing to them. Brother Mark shared a word that brought a conviction to sin and we are trusting that we will see the fruit manifested in their lives. We must also say that we are always humbled by the graciousness of these people. They have a limited ability to prosper, but they always demonstrate their hospitality toward us. This is not the first time that they have used their limited resources to feed us.

That following afternoon we went to the fellowship that meets at the KMM School on Sunday afternoon. The meeting was filled with many parents and children from the school. To our great surprise, in honor of our coming many of the parents brought gifts of all types of fruits. There was a presentation ceremony in which the parents and children presented these gifts of fruit to us as representing all the sponsors who have been supporting their children. The quantity of the gifts filled a long table. We were so blessed to see them give what little they had in their desire to bless those who have been supporting their children.

Fruit Gift

On a side note, every year the Parent’s Association volunteers a project as a way of saying thank you for the KMM School support for their children. This year they are planning to cement the rough dirt and rock floor that is in front of the stage area. It is quite a large area yet they want to supply not only the materials, but the labor for it as well. It will be quite an undertaking and we look forward to the finished project.  It is a great blessing to see the parents contribute back to the school with this gift of appreciation. Praise the Lord!

The word in the afternoon, which was brought by Brother George, was for many to put their trust in God and praise Him for all things. A good portion of the parents are new at the school so many were able to hear God’s plan of salvation for them.

The following day would be Monday, June 27th, the beginning of the four day seminar with the Bible School from Jabonga. Thursday, June 30th, would be the last day of that seminar. This year we did things a bit different than in the previous years. We had decided that we would hold the seminar at the Hotel Karaga where we were staying. The reason for the change is that the Lord had given us a word of admonition that due to activity of a subversive element that was working against the elected government in the Philippines, and the island of Mindanao in particular, that we should restrict our travel to the areas in and around the city of Butuan. In the course of time we witnessed that we had made the right decision. It was determined that Brother Edmar and his wife Medlyn would drive all of the staff, as well as the students, the two hour’s distance to attend these meetings. This time of seminar would also include some of the brethren in the Butuan area as well. All in all, there were approximately 30 to 40 in attendance. We would have a meeting in the morning then we would break for lunch. Food was provided for the brethren and it turned out to be especially good for them so that they could concentrate on the word of God. After lunch we would have another session in the word that would last somewhere between two to three hours. The meetings were so structured as to provide the time necessary for everyone to return to Jabonga before it was dark.

Brother Burt opened the conference with a word that was speaking about the Prophetic Nature of God and the creative power in that prophetic word to transform us from the fallen nature and darkness that inhabits our soul into mature Sons of God. He continued on with this theme in the succeeding messages that he shared.

Brother Mark brought several messages on the Golden Altar of Incense taking the congregation into much detail. He shared not only on the quality of it, but also the failure of many who had desecrated this altar and the judgement that comes because of the desecration of this fifth piece of furniture.

Brother George shared two messages on two dreams that God had given to him. The first message was on overcoming the Prince-and-His-palities. Also included in the message was an outline of Satan’s Kingdom. The second message centered on the importance each one of us play in this end time. Throughout the conference and in each of the messages there was a definitive thread of one’s progression and purpose in relationship to the Tabernacle.

During the last meeting there was an invitation that was given and everyone in the room desired to repent, dedicate, and consecrate themselves before the Altar of God. What a tremendous response to the four day conference. Praise the Lord!

Conference 3

Friday morning brought us back to the KMM School for some more administration work. We also had two sessions with all of the children – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Sister Nancy taught on the parable of building your house upon the rock as well as the parable of the sower and the seed. There was a puppet show in the afternoon that the children enjoyed very much. We were also able to teach the children action songs. One of the first was the song “I’ve Got a River of Life” and the second was “Anoint My Head.” Oh, how the children loved it and, I might add, so did the staff. At lunch time there was a meal that had been prepared for us as well as the staff. There is something about the comradery that you share in the breaking the natural bread together. We have to say how we are always amazed and continue to be blessed with the dedication of the staff, the growth and development of the children, and the order that is being established in the classes, as well as on the playground and activities.

On Saturday at the KMM School we conducted two meetings with a number of brethren, elders, and young people who have committed their lives to serving God. Brother Burt brought an excellent word on the necessity for us to be ensamples as elders. He walked us through the Tabernacle sharing on the deception, not only in the denominational structuring, but also in religion; the deception that takes away as well as diverts the people of God from the plan and purpose He had intended for them. He laid a platform of the negative aspects that deprive the individuals from coming into the nature of God; sharing some of the practical things of life and lifestyle. He then shared the positive aspects of the lifestyle that God intends for His sons as thy walk in obedience to Him.

On Sunday we had our last two meetings. The first meeting was held at Brother Lito’s fellowship. Brother Mark ministered on Godly child training. He went into many scriptures that reinforced the need to train up children on a daily basis. We were encouraged to take to heart the examples in scripture of those who made mistakes and pray for the courage to change in our own personal lives and have the strength to apply Biblical training to our children.

In the afternoon we returned to the school where we were greeted again by the brethren, new parents, and children. We wanted to continue to teach the children the two action songs that were shared at the school on Friday. Something wonderful happened in that everyone, adults as well as children, participated with the actions. Young ones, older ones, young parents, even all of the fathers began to sing and praise the Lord. It was a great joy to see them being blessed, joyful, and happy, especially when we sang the song “Anoint My Head.” Praising the Lord brought such a joy to all of us. After the songs the word came forth with an admonition by Brother George to “Study to show thyself approved” when it comes to diligence in daily reading the word of God. It will be a challenge for some of them; for there are several who do not know how to read. We have begun to set up classes for parents who are illiterate as well as to provide them with audio devices that play the Word of God in their Cebuano language.

In closing, we believe it has been a very fruitful and productive time here in the Philippines, at the Bible School, at the KMM School, as well as among all of the brethren that are hearing the Kingdom Message.

We also want to thank each of you for your prayers and support while we have been here. We could feel the strength of your prayers and we also prayed for you, our brethren at home many times. Many thanks also to Rita and Sue who stood the night vigils for their husbands as we labored here.

God bless you, our dear brethren, for your faithfulness and love for us. We are eternally grateful to each of you.

Sincerely and in Christ’s love,

Burt and Nancy Asbill
George Herrig
Mark Jantzi


  1. The Lord Jesus Christ is in the business of building his church. Glory be to our God

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