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Philippine Mission Trip Report I – June/July 2016

Dear Brethren,

Greetings and God bless each of you today.

It is now Saturday afternoon here in Butuan and we are all doing well here by the grace of God.

We arrived in Manila safely on Wednesday evening and had a much needed rest to catch up on the two days of travel that it took for us to get to Manila. On early Thursday afternoon we traveled by plane to Butuan and we were met by a number of the brethren who had come to the airport in Butuan City. We were especially humbled by some of the brethren traveling over 2 hours just to greet us. From there we went to the Hotel Karaga where we will stay as well as where the seminar will be held. After checking in we had a time of fellowship with the brethren before they left for their homes in the evening.

The following day, which would be Friday, we spent at the Kingdom Message Ministry (KMM) School. This was the second week into the students’ new school year so it was a very busy time for everyone. The day was spent with Brother Mark Jantzi giving health and hygienic teachings in each of the classes, Sister Nancy Asbill conducting four interviews with the older students, and Brother Burt Asbill and Brother George Herrig doing administrative work with Marissa, the principal, Cherry, our administrator, and Allan, our guidance counselor.

Overall, with each of us doing their assigned task, we had a very good and fruitful day of work at the school. The school is growing, not only in numbers (197 children), but most importantly in its quality of teaching and molding the children to become productive children of God in a very dark world. We marveled at the overall operation of the school and the dedication of our school staff. They are doing an excellent job and we do appreciate our administrator, Cherry, and our principal, Marissa, whose oversight has brought such an orderly and smooth running school operation to pass. To say the least we were/are very blessed. As an additional blessing we also had a wonderful time of lunch and fellowship with the staff during the noon time.

To those of you that have sponsored children, we want to encourage you as well as assure you that your children are getting the best education (both naturally and spiritually) from the sacrifices and the offerings that you have given. These children (from the poorest of the poor) are being redeemed from lives that would otherwise put them on the street or, at best, would have fallen through the cracks of humanity that would have put their level of schooling on a sub-par level. In each of the grades a number of them are on the honor roll and the vast majority of our students maintain at least an 80 percentile level of achievement. That is almost unheard of when you realize that most of the students’ living conditions are, comparable to ours, often quite severe, both on the social level as well as their natural living environment. The school does not only focus upon the children, but it also produces a major change in the parents as well. Many of the parents have given their lives to the Lord and, as a result of that change, are actively involved with the school to see that their children excel in their attendance and studies. It is difficult for us to express to you how exceedingly blessed we are and how wonderful it is to see so many of these children grow up in the past 5 to 6 years – from kindergarten all the way up to the current level of 6th grade. They are maturing into many fine young men and women for the Kingdom of God.

Today, Saturday, is our only open day so we will be taking advantage of it for a much needed rest. It seems it takes several days for our bodies to adjust to the time changes. We will also be having some good fellowship with Sister Merlinda as well.

Tomorrow, Sunday, we visit a fellowship outside of Butuan City in the morning and return for the fellowship meeting at the KMM School in the afternoon. For this activity we covet your prayers.

Starting Monday, we will be hosting a four day seminar in the Hotel Karaga Conference Hall with the students (both current and former) and faculty from the Bible School in Jabonga. There will be other brethren in attendance as well with an expected group of about forty persons to be in attendance. Please pray for these upcoming meetings and that God’s presence and anointing be in our midst. We return on Friday back to the KMM School where we plan to have some biblical teachings in the morning and afternoon for the children. Saturday will consist of two meetings with the various elders, their wives and brethren. Our last day, Sunday, we will have two meetings; the morning meeting will be at Brother Lito’s house and the last meeting to be held at the fellowship hall at the KMM School.

We do thank each of you for your prayers and intercessions on behalf of the team that has come and for what God wants to accomplish here among His people. Our hope and aim is that by the time we leave here, we will have a good report of the presence of God that will touch many and make a lasting change in the lives of all of us. We know it is not only for us here but for all the brethren that stand with us at home and abroad to see the will of God accomplished here in the Philippines.

God bless you,
Philippine Mission Team


  1. God bless you brethren. May the Lord continually reward your labour of Love. Amen.
    Bro Akin

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