Posted by: Admin | March 9, 2016

February 2016 Trip to the Philippines – Part 2

Dear Brethren,

Greetings and love to each of you.

As of this writing it is now 8:30 PM and we are in the process of packing our bags for our early return trip to Manila at 5:30 AM in the morning. We will arrive in Manila at 9:30 AM where we will have some rest before arising early Tuesday morning for our flight from Manila back to the U.S.A.

Our three days at the Bible School in Jabonga went very well. There was great receptivity to the messages shared and we praise God for all that was accomplished in such a short time span. Thursday was a day of rest with some private meetings with some of the brethren. Friday was an administrative day at the KMM School with the various staff along with observation in the various classrooms. It was a great blessing to see all the children wearing their new clothes brought to them by the team. The girls looked so wonderful in their handmade dresses along with the young boys in their new shirts.

We had a tremendous last two days of ministry and meetings. The messages and exhortations blessed all the brethren. Our final meeting at the KMM Fellowship this afternoon resulted in 9 people coming forth to receive Christ as their Savior.  What a great blessing to witness and see these precious souls receive salvation.

Overall, we believe it has been a most successful and fruitful trip. The fellowships are growing in the Lord and the young people at the Bible school are continuing to learn and mature in the Spirit. It is so wonderful to see young people hungry and willing to serve the Lord with all their hearts.

Finally, and not the least, we are extremely blessed with the work going on at the KMM School. The school staff are very blessed to work here at the school and they get along very well together. The children are becoming more disciplined in their work, attitude, and behavior at the school. Above all they are learning more and more about God and it is having an effect on their families as well.

We are so very blessed to see all this and want to share that same joy with you. To all of you who stand and support them and this work in the Philippines, you also are partakers of this fruit.

Many thanks for all your prayers and support in this special endeavor in the Philippines. It has been through these prayers that have made this all possible.

God bless and richly reward each of you.

The Philippine MissionTeam

Burt and Nancy Asbill
Mark and Rita Jantzi
George Herrig

*Update: the team arrived safely back in the States on Tuesday evening.

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