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February 2016 Trip to the Philippines – Part 1

Dear Brethren,

Greetings and God bless each of you today. It is now Sunday afternoon for you and Monday morning for us here in the Philippines. We are doing well by the grace of God. Our meetings have gone quite well here in the Butuan area, as well as in the countryside.

Our main focus on Friday and Saturday was at the Kingdom Message Ministry School ministering to the children. Each day we had meetings in the morning with the children that usually attend school in the morning, then again in the afternoon with the children that usually attend school in the afternoon. (There were 90 children in the morning and 90 children in the afternoon.)

On both days we met altogether during the first hour and in the second hour we broke up into three main groups: Kindergarten to 2nd grade, 3rd grade to 5th grade, and then the parents. The first day we did a puppet show on the story of Esther with the children in the first hour. The wooden spoon puppets were created by Sister Patty Delap (with help on creating the faces by Sister Shannon Asbill, Chloe and Allison). The children loved to have the visual effect and this was demonstrated as they watched the puppets and waved at them.

The second day was an interactive story on David and Goliath. The children loved the action and the sounds of the bear for example, the lion, and the “Giant” Goliath.  In the second hour the messages for the individual groups were tailored according to their age comprehension. The younger children were taught the basics of the Tabernacle and how Jesus wants to live in them, the older children were given Tabernacle teachings, and the parents were given in-depth teachings on the book of Revelation. We were blessed to see that some of the teachers have been instructing the children from out of The Pattern. A number of them knew some of the pieces of furniture in the Tabernacle as well as the Word of God being three-dimensional. Therefore in two days we were able to accomplish 16 sessions of teachings.

We were also very impressed with the growth and maturity of the operation of the school. We have an excellent staff with the teachers, principal and administrator people combined. The children are more organized and disciplined so it is very encouraging to see all of this.

On Sunday morning we went out into the country to a small fellowship. They were so hungry for God and their attentiveness and receptivity was very refreshing to see. It is very humbling to be with a people that have nothing (and I truly mean nothing) and yet be so appreciative for our presence there.  It was an honor to be among them.

Today, we start our three days of meetings with the young people at the Bible School in Jabonga. We are looking forward to these meetings for the young people there readily desire to walk in this Kingdom message. Just think of young people that have originally heard just an Outer Court message of salvation and a church system with the one man rule of pastorship. To see them break out of this mentality and system and begin to walk in the Kingdom truths is greatly rewarding.

We want to thank each of you for your prayers and support for this great mission. Without the brethren praying our labors here would be unsuccessful. It is the prayers of the saints that are keeping us safe and bringing great victories in the meetings. Thank you so much for your faithfulness.

We have one full week left before we return home. We believe for continued victory for each day that lies ahead. Please continue to stand with us. We love you all in the Love of Christ.


The Philippines Mission Team

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