Posted by: Admin | October 5, 2015

September in the Philippines

It is with a great pleasure that we say, “Thank you,” for granting us the resources to purchase a new school sound system. We are very grateful to God for this provision. You may remember that we lost our sound system last December in the Typhoon Senyang. Being located by a busy street, sound system is very essential to the mandatory school programs. We have greatly enjoyed our new equipment during the Math & Science celebration and will also benefit from it in the upcoming monthly programs.


By the grace of God, the Math & Science was a complete success. The children had their class presentations related to the two subjects. You can see their happy faces below.

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The selected grade 3, 4 and 5 students showed their drawing skills by presenting math & science pictures.

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In addition to the student activities, the teachers participated in a special seminar focused on how to handle children with difficult behavior and how to create a bully-free learning environment. According to the teachers, they learned many useful things from the speaker. They would like to say, “Thank you,” to all of you for making this event possible for them.

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