Posted by: Admin | January 30, 2015

Typhoon Senyang

The end of December 2014 brought with it yet another typhoon that affected the Butuan City area. Some of you may remember the typhoon we had to deal with in January 2014 (please follow this link for more details). Typhoon Senyang also seemed to have come with a lot of force but did less damage to the school and school families’ properties. Most of the families had water inside their houses above knee level; a number of people had to evacuate from their homes; national highways were covered with water; vehicles were stranded for over five hours due to the strong force of the water flow; the river also overflowed and flooded the Ampayon area where our school is located. However, we rejoice and praise God that nobody was hurt. We were also grateful that the classes were able to resume shortly afterwards.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for the children and families of Kingdom Message Ministry School.

School After the Typhoon

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School Clean up

Some staff and parents of the sponsored children volunteered to help clean up so that the children could resume classes as soon as possible.

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Tacastacas Family

The Tacastacas family is still having difficulties with their transportation as the bridge connecting their house to the national highway was destroyed by the typhoon. From the sixteen houses in their area only theirs was not destroyed. The family was safe.

2014 Flood (1)

Jalbuena Family

The Jalbuena family, whose house was completely destroyed during the typhoon in January 2014, again suffered some damage this time as their area was flooded. We thank God for protecting them and keeping their house standing this time.

2014 Flood (3)

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