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Mission Report from the Philippines

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I would like to express my gratitude for your prayers and not only I but also the rest of the team. The mission to the Philippines at this time was very successful; we all agreed that there was a breakthrough in the natural as well as in the spiritual.

In the KMM School we have managed to move the practical things several steps forward. We set up computers, spent time teaching the staff, checked how the teachers manage their classes and smoothed out the internal communication.

I personally haven’t been to the Philippines for three years and so it was marvelous for me to see how everything had moved forward, what a great progress had been made! When we first started coming, many times we didn’t know how things should fall into their places; even the local people were not quite sure which way the whole school operation should go. In addition to it, this is a work that the devil absolutely hates so he always tries to set up somebody who will gossip, seek their own profit at the expense of the children or other workers, as well as using other means to distract and subvert. Thanks be to God that He has always faithfully shown us the negative happenings and so we were able to address them appropriately. It is wonderful to see how the whole assembly of people in the school is moving ahead as a group and everyone is doing their share of the work. It doesn’t mean it is not without its challenges. Challenges are and will always be present in the work of God and there will always be space for improvement. However, what we have in the school at the moment is a real treasure.


The school has become a very good basis for preaching the gospel to the children and their families. Please pray so that we would be able to fulfill this purpose in even a greater measure. Even though the teachers are Christians and do an excellent job and are very qualified for the work, there is a need for somebody who would be able to pour out their heart to teach the Kingdom of God message. It is for this purpose, that we, the team, believe, that there is a need for somebody with a special gift for ministry to be able to go and stay for a longer period of time. It is very important for the children to learn not only the Bible stories, how to pray, etc., but also that they would understand the most important thing of all – a relationship with a living God and His Son Jesus Christ.

The next important point for us was three days spent in Brother Edmar’s Bible School. Not only were their current students present in the meetings but also many of those who have already graduated from the school. For me personally, it was probably the most important point of the whole mission. These young people understand that the word we are bringing is more than what others are offering. Some of them came from places 5-6 hours away. It reminded me of years ago when we used to travel from our villages to Prague when some of the American brethren visited. These young people have the same hunger we used to have and that shows a great potential. From my perspective the best we could do is to send someone there for a longer period of time and give them a greater measure of teaching.


The final point of activities was meetings in various fellowships as well as with the elders. As I mentioned previously, I haven’t been to the Philippines for three years and so I was glad to see some of the same faces as before, but also new ones mainly from the students who graduated from the Bible School two years ago. Both meetings with the elders had a very good spirit of camaraderie. Those who used to seek their own gain from being an elder or who kept defending their pastor’s position in the church seemed to have disappeared. However, those who came to understand in their hearts that eldership is about something completely different than money or a position in the church remained; so even the words that came forth were carried in a spirit of encouragement so that they would keep the right vision and continue to be an ensample to the flock. There were also visions and prophecies that, combined with praises, confirmed the right direction of their walk.

The last thing I would like to share is that it took seven years until a true foundation was built in the Philippines and I believe this foundation will stand even if none of us would never go back there again. Of course, I do not want to say that we should stop going, however, what I want to say is that something was broken in the spirit. Something very significant was created in the hearts of the brethren that allowed this message of the Kingdom of God to come into their lives.

When we first arrived in the Philippines in 2008, the meeting halls were filled with both male and female pastors who listened to the word they had never heard before and either immediately turned their backs to it or on the contrary, received it with excitement. Today, I just marvel how God works all things out. We do not hear anymore from some of the originally excited individuals and yet some of those who had their doubts came to the point of understanding. Some understood but didn’t have enough strength to “sell all they had” and some had given up all they had, but instead of seeking God they were looking for their own future benefit. It looks so familiar to me when I read the gospels how many who followed Jesus came to Him at night; some rejected Him even though they knew in their hearts that He was speaking the truth; some even experienced His power when they themselves cast out demons and yet turned their backs on Him later. It took Jesus three and a half years to preach and walk with those who not only received Him but also endured with Him till the end. It took us seven years in the Philippines, but now we can say assuredly that there are people in the Philippines who have received His word of the Kingdom. Of course, it is not due to any of our credit, but it is due to the power of the Word of God that has been planted into the hearts of men through His gifts.

This brings me to a thought about our own selves: How long did it take us to get this message “under our skin”? How long did it take us to understand? How many of us are not in our midst anymore? How patient has God been with us? How many times did He have to send us His servants? How much time and energy are we still going to need?

I want to express once more my gratitude for your prayers. They were certainly answered and they accomplished what they were sent to do.

May the Lord bless you all.
Brother Tomas

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