Posted by: Admin | June 11, 2015

Beginning of the New School Year

It is time for us here in KMMS once again to give thanks unto the Lord for the beginning of the new school year. We are pleased to announce that 2015-2016 has found us with 176 students, which are 30 more than in 2014-2015. We have added one more building to our rented premises, 5th grade class, and one additional permanent teacher who we will be able to introduce to you shortly. Also, one substitute teacher has joined our faculty for the period of 4 months to fill the temporary vacancies for two subsequent maternity leaves of Teachers Dharine and Rio Marie.

As each year, some students who were with us last year have been transferred to other schools and new ones transferred in. Due to the good reputation of KMMS as a Christian school, we have experienced a great interest in the community to enroll their children in our ever-growing operation. Praise the Lord for the great and wonderful things He has done to fulfill His purpose with this school.

After the commencement ceremony on the first day of school, all the sponsored and non-sponsored indigent children gladly received their school supplies that consisted of notebooks, paper, crayons, ruler, pencil, ball pen, eraser, sharpener and cellophane envelope.

We at the KMMS would like to express our gratitude to the school stakeholders, ministry team, sponsors and brethren for their support as well as to our counselors for the great development and success of the school. May the Lord bless you all for your diligent prayers and giving.


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