Posted by: Admin | July 18, 2014

The Big Box Arrived. Again.:-)

Over the last couple of years we, the partners of KMMS in the U.S., have been enjoying the privilege of having access to a very reasonable shipping service to the Philippines. We take advantage of it as often as we can. After visiting garage and books sales and collecting a number of goods, donations as well as gifts from the sponsors, we pack a big box and send it off with a prayer that it would, in about three-months-time, arrive safely to its destination – KMMS. The beneficiaries are always grateful for this extra provision. The following pictures show smiling faces of those who received their blessings this time, not only from the box but also through the brethren who visited the Philippines in June.

Clothes are packed individually to be given to the sponsored and indigent children.

Receiving Gifts (1)

Krishelle is very glad to receive gifts from her sponsor. She says, “Thank you so much for your gifts.”

Receiving Gifts (2)

Jefferson is happily handling a sack of gifts from his sponsor. “Thank you, my sponsor, for your care.”

Receiving Gifts (3)

Kurt is wearing a gift shirt from his sponsor. “Thank you so much, sponsor, for the special shirt for me.”  

Receiving Gifts (4)

Christine Mae receives her gift from her sponsor.

Receiving Gifts (5)

“Thank you, Dubuque fellowship for this very special and beautiful dress.”

Receiving Gifts (6)

Sweet smile of Jared Daniel as he receives gifts from his sponsor. “Thank you, dear sponsor.”

Receiving Gifts (7)

A pose of Chastine Ann with her father, brother and sister as she receives gifts from her sponsor. “Thank you so much for the blessings!”

Receiving Gifts (8)

Bob says, “Thank you again, my dear sponsor, for this bag of gifts.”

Receiving Gifts (9)

Jacquilyn and her mother want to thank her sponsors for their thoughtfulness, love and care.

Receiving Gifts (10)

Jonnah Faith, who moved out of the area and cannot attend KMMS anymore, still received a package from her sponsor. It was specially delivered to her at her aunt’s house. “Thank you, my sponsor, for your care.”

Receiving Gifts (11)

Faculty and staff were glad to receive hand-made bags and personalized letters from the sisters of Dubuque fellowship. From all us here we would like to say, “Many thanks to all of you and God bless you!”

Receiving Gifts (13)

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