Posted by: Admin | July 18, 2014

First Sunday Meeting

June 15, 2014 marked our first Sunday fellowship meeting of the school year 2014-2015. Many parents of our children attended this meeting. Brother Lito shared a wonderful message on “Seeking first the Kingdom of God.” He taught us that we must first seek the Kingdom of God before anything else and then all other things like food and clothing will be added unto us. Only God can give us a bountiful life if we learn to follow in His footsteps.

Some parents shared their testimonies how thankful they are that God directed them to go to KMMS as this school not only provides a proper education for their children in the academic area but also spiritually. They are very grateful that the school can teach their children how to grow as the children of God. They are all praying and hoping that God will bless those who have it in their heart to help the indigent in the Philippines so that they could continue to bless the school.

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