Posted by: Admin | April 10, 2014

Summer Needs in the Philippines

Dear Brethren & Friends,

We praise God for His enduring mercies and blessings upon His people. Another year has passed by in our little school in the Philippines and we are back in the summer months and the much needed reconstruction/repair time. (Note: April & May are considered to be the summer in the Philippines.) As every summer, we have been busily working on making sure the school premises meet the required standards for the next school year. Due to the flooding that devastated a major part of Butuan City last January, there is still a need to do some repairs to the building itself. Thanks to the generosity of many of you, some of these repairs have been financially covered. In addition to these, we are working on a number of upgrades. The first major one is adding the 4th grade, which requires additional classroom, desks and chairs. Also, starting in June, the Filipino government requires us to set up a separate computer laboratory, in which the children can learn the necessities of the 21st century digital living. Even though this requirement will add to our overall expenses, we are excited to know that our children will acquire the so-much-needed knowledge in order to be able to secure good jobs after they graduate.

A number of you have been asking us about the specific purchases that we will be making so that you can contribute towards them. Following is our list:

1. Painting:
2. Floor coverings:
3. Ceiling fan:
4. Lights & electrical:
5. Desks, cabinets, chairs (4th grade):
6. Glass panes (50x for G2 & computer room):
7. Roof & gutter for pathway:
8. Toilet (near science laboratory):
9. 3 computers + air conditioner (computer room):
10. Staff uniforms:
11. Uniforms for children without a sponsor (about 25):
12. Books for children without a sponsor (about 25):      
$    625.00
$    292.50
$    125.00
$      75.00
$    325.00
$      50.00
$    125.00
$    125.00
$ 2,000.00
$    445.00
$    187.50
$    750.00


$ 5,125.00
$    750.00
$ 4,375.00


If you would like to donate toward these specific needs, you can do so either by mailing a check to Sonlight Ministries Missionary Fund, PO Box 1128, Mahomet, IL 61853 or paying electronically by using our secure payment system. Please designate your contribution to “PH School” and the project/item of your choosing from the list above.

It is difficult to put into words what your generosity is doing in the lives of those who are being ministered to. Thank you for your part in this labor of love and for sharing your kindness with the indigent of the Philippines.

In His service,

George Herrig
Mark Jantzi
Pavlina Davis

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