Posted by: Admin | April 5, 2014

Meet Our Families – Part 1

The Family of Queenie Joy M.

Father, Christopher is a carpenter and Mother, Marilou is a housewife. They have six children – two girls and four boys. Queenie Joy in now in Grade 1 and tries her best in school. Her mother is only an elementary graduate and even though she would like to help her daughter more with her studies, she is finding it difficult. Queenie Joy’s father is busily looking for a job as his carpentry projects are only sporadic. The family’s original house was completely damaged by the heavy rains and floods. At that time they lived beside the river as the house was washed out by the strong flow of water. Thankfully, they are now in the process of building a new house. Even though it is not finished yet due to financial shortage, they were at least able to purchase bamboo matting from the money received from the school to cover the side of the house. They can now sleep better. They are so thankful for the blessings given to them by the school and the mission. It has been a big help for them.

The Family of Jiffry & Jirry Mae C.

Jiffry is an eleven-year-old Grade 1 student; Jirry Mae is a kindergartener. Their mother is a housewife, their father is blind in one eye and unable to find a job. They are very thankful to the School and the Ministry for it provides great help to them. Even though they joined KMMSI only a year ago, in a very short period of time their children were added to the sponsorship program. They can see a significant improvement in both of their children’s academics in comparison to their previous school arrangements. As parents, they always follow-up with their children so that they would learn good values and respect for elders. Neither of their children has any problems with their studies. They are happy to see their children striving towards receiving good grades. They are also thankful for the weekly fellowship as that is a big encouragement for their family. They are praying that God will bless them with an additional livelihood. They trust the management of the school will continue to prosper so that they can help more parents who are not able to support their children’s studies.

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