Posted by: Admin | September 16, 2019

This Year’s New Teachers

It is always enjoyable to start a new school year. For the faculty and staff of Kingdom Message Ministry School, June brings more than new students into their school premises. It also brings a few new teachers, who very shortly become new friends. Let us introduce to you our new teachers for 2019-2020.

Edgene Nacua, a lively 23 year old educator, teaches the 1st grade students. She is freshly married, but is planning on establishing her teaching career before having children. Even though she lives in Butuan City, her home is quite a distance from KMMS. Therefore, she chooses to stay in a boarding house closer to the school.

Edgene is the oldest child in her family with two younger sisters. She graduated from Caraga state University in 2016, where she received degree in Elementary Education. Her love for children has birthed a deep desire in her to become a teacher to help her pupils grow to mature adults. Her favorite subjects to teach are English and Filipino. She considers it extremely important to share Bible stories with her students and impart into them a desire for having a relationship with God and a viable prayer life.

She is learning to play guitar, loves to read, and watch TV. She also very much enjoys exploring and would like to travel to various places in the world.

Jellyn Lara is a 23 year old 2nd grade teacher. She lives with her family close to KMM School. She has two brothers and one sister; her father passed away several years ago. She graduated from Caraga State University in 2018 with Bachelor of Elementary Education. Her favorite is to teach math. She used to pass by the KMMS every day and dream of getting a job here. Once she was able to apply, she prayed much that she would be selected.

Jellyn considers praying with the children very important. She selects scripture verses for the children to memorize and explains these to them. She also shares many Bibles stories with them and encourages them to sing praises together.

In the past, Jellyn aimed at being an engineer. However, after she was given an opportunity to teach Sunday School at her church and be part of the children’s outreach ministry, she experienced a turning point in her desire for a future career. Teaching has become her passion.

Clarice Alquizar is a 22 year old first-year teacher and was hired to instruct 6th grade pupils in KMMS. She has three sisters and one brother. Because she lives far away from the school premises, she currently resides with her church friends closer to the school. She graduated from Suriago Del Sur State University in 2018 as Bachelor of Secondary Education and majored in biology and science. She heard about KMMS from a church friend and decided to apply for a job.

Clarice’s passion is to work with children in order to give them better opportunity to become good citizens and spiritual children. She puts a very significant emphasis on teaching the Bible and making sure her students understand what it says. Her hobbies and free time revolve around her relationship with the Lord and participating in church activities where she also sings in a choir. As most of the young Filipino, she would like to travel abroad one day.

Let us welcome our new teachers and wish them a very blessed school year!

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