Posted by: Admin | March 25, 2019

KMM School’s Upcoming Changes

Dear Sponsors and Supporters of the KMM School,

It is always a joy to visit the KMM School and observe its progress, which we did during our trip in February. The current school year ends in mid-March. Both parents and children alike were very appreciative of the impact the school has had in their lives and the community.

Our current staff is dedicated to their respective positions and we were pleased to see them perform these responsibilities well. The staff is devoted towards instruction in classes and additionally, as encouragement with regards to the individual pupil’s growth. Through the years we have witnessed the maturing of the children. It is gratifying to see your investment in them bringing a great return.

We want to share with you some of the changes that will be implemented in the coming new school term. The past school term we encountered many cost overruns mainly due to much overtime paid to the teachers. This was due to split classes at the School as most of the grades were running one group of children in the morning session and another group in the afternoon, five hours each. In order for us to insure the financial solvency of the KMM School, we will be returning to all day classes and stay at the current level of Kindergarten through 8th grade without adding the 9th grade.

During our visit, the teachers at KMMS and the Department of Education confirmed these changes. The teachers voiced unanimity in all day classes in order to facilitate a better educational environment for the students. We visited the Department of Education and they were in total agreement. They said, “Quality is always better than quantity.”

Going forward into the next school term, which starts June 2019, the following changes will take place:

  1. The number of students per class size will be slightly reduced. This allows for the size of the class to be in proportion to the dimension of the existing classrooms.
  2. We are also introducing two new larger classrooms in the current buildings to accommodate more children in the largest classes. This will facilitate the elimination of split classes in a couple of grades.
  3. In doing the above, it allows the following to be established:
    • Library
    • Faculty Room

Based on our experience from the past years we believe that through attrition of students lost by school transfers, excessive unauthorized absenteeism and moving to other areas, our somewhat smaller student enrollment will be attained. Children desiring to return will be able to do so.

Because of the all-day classes that are being planned, our students will have the benefit of Physical Education twice a week, which proved to be very difficult to accomplish so far due to the class time constraints.

With the aforementioned changes it is our belief they will serve to improve the quality of education at the KMM School.

Thank you for your continued support. Rest assured that your sacrifice on behalf of the KMM School children is not in vain but is bringing forth its fruit.

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