Posted by: Admin | March 8, 2017

Visit to the Philippines

KMMS Teachers

Our team of four visited the Philippine Islands once again in February 2017. It consisted of Burt and Nancy Asbill, George Herrig and Mark Jantzi. We were quite busy with the work at the KMM School. As the school term is coming to a close, we found that we will be replacing a number of staff who have chosen to move on to the public schools where they can make more money. It seems that the public school system has been infused with new money and they plan to hire more teachers. We do not fault them with that desire for they can make double the salary than what we can offer. We bid them well and trust God that He will guide them in their lives. Our principal, Marissa, believes we will be able to replace them with new teachers with the same talents or more.

During this time in the Philippines, we attended to numerous administrative matters in addition to our general meetings. We also spent much time with the children of KMM School holding several teaching sessions.

Teaching Children

During the last Sunday meeting at the school, we were very surprised with the gift of much native fruit the parents presented to us – so much more than we could possibly eat. We were so humbled by their generosity.

Thank you so much for all of your support. Your care, concern and generous contributions enable us to help those who need it most.

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