Posted by: Admin | November 15, 2016

National Science Month – September 2016

Many greetings from the Philippines!

Many things have happened in the Kingdom Message Ministry School since you have last heard from us. We continue to thank the Lord for you all, your care and concern for the underprivileged children of the Philippines and your never-ceasing prayers. We very much appreciate your support and are very grateful for it.

In compliance with the Department of Education order KMM School, together with all other educational institutions, celebrated the annual National Science Month, an event that is held in September each year. The theme for this school year was called, “AGRINNOVATE – Revolutionizing Agricultural Outlook for Sustainable Growth.” It aimed at introducing students to agriculture, rekindle the youth’s interest in this field and raise awareness of the current agricultural situation. One of the highlights of the program was the “Science Quiz Bee”, a competition which was divided into two age categories and all grade levels took part in it. This science celebration also included various uplifting presentations.

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