Posted by: Admin | November 15, 2016

Bible as a Textbook

Beginning in September, our Guidance Counselor, Brother Allan, and the School Founder, Sister Merlinda, started to conduct special lessons for Grades 3 to 6 during Values Education, Good Manners and Right Conduct classes. They have chosen to use a Bible for their textbook in order to impart to the children the good habits that come through obedience to the Word of God. Our Principal, Sister Marissa, made the following statement, “As what I have observed, these studies bring lots of changes to the children’s everyday living. Some of our students already know how to find their way in the Bible and how important it is to have the Bible in their lives. I was very happy and surprised one day when I entered the Guidance Counselor’s office to see some of our students sitting on the floor and reading the Bible. I hope and pray that by God’s grace they will continue in what they have started.”

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