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Meet Our Staff

By Sister Nancy Asbill

The summer reconstruction and maintenance of the Kingdom Message Ministry School premises is well under way and we trust we will soon be able to show you our new developments. Before we do that, however, we would like you to look with us a couple of months back when the classes were still in session. I have a few special people we would like you to meet.

With 146 children at the school during the 2014-2015 school year, one couldn’t help but be amazed at how God has put together all the workings of one of the finest schools in Butuan. The children are not only getting superior scholastic instruction, but also learning moral values and receiving the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

A school of such caliber requires a well-oiled group of people that work together for the betterment of the children in the school as well as their community. I would like to introduce to you some of the members of our staff.

CherryI will first start with Mrs. Cherry Nunez, the Administrator of the school these past five years. Mrs. Cherry has a very big job overseeing all the activities of the school. Her typical day at the school starts at 7:30 a.m. with a 10 to 15 minute devotional with the staff. With the many challenges that can arise in running a school, Mrs. Cherry values time spent with God and sees how it also helps the other staff members.

After the devotional she meets with the Principal and Guidance counselor discussing the needs and tasks of the day. She then talks with Mrs. Melody regarding the bookkeeping, checks, she answers the many emails, and deals with the ongoing adventures of a growing school. She finds herself going nonstop all day barely having time for lunch.

Mrs. Cherry has a soft demeanor, but it is coupled with a steadfastness that gives her a determination to see the school running smoothly. With that goal in mind she keeps quite busy.

Mrs. Cherry attended a University for four years to obtain her Bachelor of Arts, majoring in English.

When not at school she enjoys being at home with her husband and three sons, ages 18, 14 and their newest addition of an adopted 8 month old boy.

Mrs. Cherry says she is grateful to be able to work with Kingdom Message Ministry School and helping the children to know the true God.

MelodyNext let us meet Mrs. Melody Cuer, the school’s Bookkeeper. Mrs. Melody has been with the school since 2011 with her main focus being that of keeping the financial accounts in order. Her job requires her to keep very accurate records of all expenditures, monthly bills and payments.

Mrs. Melody enjoys working with numbers but admits that at the beginning when she was learning the ins and outs of the school’s bookkeeping, it was challenging. Now after incorporating the new computer program, the life of numbers is easier.

Mrs. Melody is married and has two sons, Melchizedek, the two year old, and Michael Jun, the fourteen month old.

When not at school she enjoys cooking and being with her family.

When we finished the interview, her parting thoughts to me were, “I enjoy working at the school so much.”

MarissaLet’s walk across the hall to the Principal’s office. There we will find Mrs. Marissa Bacquial. Mrs. Marissa came to the school two years ago with many years of experience. Mrs. Marissa has been working in the school system starting as a teacher adviser back in 1992. With a master’s degree she is even qualified to teach college classes.

The job of a Principal has many responsibilities. She oversees the teachers checking lesson plans, making sure each class is maintaining high quality in all subjects. Mrs. Marissa also has monthly reports to fill out for the government, including all the names of each student with guardian’s names and addresses.

Mrs. Marissa works with the Guidance Counselor, Allan Micarandayo, to insure he is in touch with the parents of each student working through any problems the student might have. Sometimes that means finding out if there is food to eat in that home.

Mrs. Marissa enjoys working with the teachers and children.

When not at the school she seems to still keep running, wearing the hat of a mother of five children, ages 32 to 15 years old. She enjoys cooking and in fact majored in Home Economics.

Mrs. Marissa is a very valuable asset to the Kingdom Message Ministry School.

DharineNow let us go down the hall to the Kindergarten class where Mrs. Dharine Cortez is very enthusiastically teaching her little students. She has a very bubbly personality, which is quite useful with these four and five year olds.

Mrs. Dharine has 18 students in the morning class and 12 students in the afternoon. These little students are being taught the alphabet with the sounds of the letters. She also teaches them colors, numbers and math. These little students are beginning to read and are being well prepared to be ready for the first grade.

Mrs. Dharine enjoys very much working with her class. She said, “It helps teach me patience!”

Mrs. Dharine attended a university to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She has been with the school for four years now. In May she is expecting her and her husband’s second child, which she is happily looking forward to. When not at school she enjoys gardening, and one of her favorite colors is green.

Kingdom Message School is very grateful to have Mrs. Dharine as one of their teachers.

Rio MarieFinally, we will go upstairs to the fourth grade class where Mrs. Rio Marie is working with her 18 fourth graders. She also has been with the school for four years now and is expecting her second child in July.

Mrs. Rio likes to sing so at times you will hear her fourth graders heartily singing a song.

Her class is well scheduled with a full day of subjects, including English, Science, Math, Music, Arts and PE. She also does EPP, which is pagpapa halaga pangkaabuhayan in Filipino. Big words for Home economics, including cooking, sewing and household chores. The class is also taught History of the Philippines, Makaba Yan. So as you can tell this fourth grade class keeps busy.

Mrs. Rio received her Bachelors in Education majoring in math, so none of her fourth graders will go without learning their numbers!

Kingdom Message Ministry School is a school that has a very good name in Butuan and you can see why.

It is always such a privilege to be there with the staff and students, and see the results of all their diligent work. Our prayer is that the children would follow in the footsteps of Jesus and “increase in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” (Luke 2:52)

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