Posted by: Admin | March 20, 2015

Philippine Mission Report

By Kristyna Klusonova Jr.

I was so very blessed that I went to the Philippines this winter. I believe the Lord had done some great things. And as the song says, “He’s just begun to move again in our generation, and though He’s done so much He still will do much more!” So I believe there are many more things in store for all the people and children back in Butuan City.

One of the best aspects on this trip for me was to see how the labor of so many people around the world brings forth fruit; that it all makes sense. The children have a future because of the KMM School. I, along with Lucy, my friend, had the privilege to do the eye tests to all the 140 children. During those 2 days of going up and down the stairs, taking pictures of each child and checking their eyes, God drew my heart so very close to them. I see the cute little faces of the kindergarten children running around, shyly smiling at us, and my heart melts. I really would love to share that joy with everybody that sponsors a child or has anything to do with that school. I am seeing all the children laughing, being fed and happy there, learning how to read and write. I see them running around during recess chasing each other with screams of joy and excitement. And as the school bell rings, they all dash inside to be in the classroom before the teachers come. Before they start their lessons, they sing the national anthem and pray. The melody of the songs they sing floats downstairs. It is beautiful. It is so much worth it!

The practical things we all do make such a difference. This was one thing that the Lord was teaching me in the Philippines. That I can also help by learning important things now so that God can use them later. I can further my knowledge of English and other things, and God may use it one day. As we walk with the Lord, He can use us to make a difference, a difference in the lives of other people and children, a difference in the Butuan school. Together with our God, we can make a difference in this world. And the nicest thing about it is: we already are making a difference.

“…so let your eyes take hold of a new vision. For the Lord, has only just begun!”

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