Posted by: Admin | August 21, 2014

Meet Our New Teachers

By Sister Nancy Asbill

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take a few minutes to write a summary regarding my interviews with the new teachers at the Kingdom Message Ministry School in the Philippines. I must say overall the teachers have such enthusiasm for teaching and for the children. I was very blessed to see the quality of teaching the children are receiving.

My first interview was with the new First grade teacher:

Edelyn AI would like you to meet Edelyn L. Abella. Edelyn is 22 years old and although she might be quite petite, she makes up for it with all her energy. Edelyn graduated from Caraga State University with her Bachelor’s in elementary education after four years of study. To quote Edelyn when asked why she wanted to be a teacher: “When I was in elementary school at a young age, I had such a lovely teacher. Then I said, ‘I want to be a teacher like her.’”

Edelyn has achieved her desire and she is also a “lovely” teacher with her cheerful mannerisms and consistent lessons so these little first graders can learn to read and write. Edelyn said, “I want them to learn academics, but also how to face life’s daily challenges. I also want them to learn about God. Sometimes I have to push the students to learn but it is rewarding to see them learn.”

Edelyn has been with the school a little over two months now. She is very happy being with Kingdom Message Ministry School. She enjoys the students and also working with the other teachers. Edelyn is in her second year of teaching as she had worked last year at another school. We are very glad to have her teaching here at KMMS.

Jezreel DI would like you to meet Jezreel G. Diaz, the new 24-year old second grade teacher. She comes to the school with much training after 5 years of college to become a teacher. She taught one year in Antilala and has now been with Kingdom Message Ministry School for a little over two months.

Jezreel says, “I love to teach! I want the students to learn about the Love of God and how to live their lives, sing about God as well as learn to read, and do math, English and Science.” Some of Jezreel’s favorite subjects are English and Math. “I also like art as the creativity of the child comes out,” said Jezreel.

Jezereel also has an enthusiasm for teaching the children. Her goal is that her students should be good readers by the end of the school year. Some of the favorite things she likes to do is sing, draw, play the flute and guitar. You can tell these gifts spill over into her everyday interaction with her students. Jezreel also very much enjoys being with Kingdom Message Ministry School, and we are glad she is with us too.

Janice Angelle AI would like you to meet Janice B. Andig, the new 29-year old computer teacher. She trained in College for her Bachelors in information technology and then finished with a degree in elementary education. She has also taken classes at a vocational school for “Basic alternative learning systems for computers.”

Janice says she is up to the challenge of teaching even the little kindergarteners the basics of computers. She likes to dedicate three days (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays) to lecture time to learn all the techniques of a computer. Tuesdays and Thursdays is actual hands on time on the computers. All the students have to learn how to type, which in itself is a big job.

Janice says teaching is her passion and she believes it is a gift from God. Before teaching at the school, she had different jobs, one being a secretary. One year she taught kindergarten. Janice has been married for 3 years and she says she “Loves Jesus”. We welcome Janice to Kingdom Message Ministry School and trust the students will catch her desire to learn.

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