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First Day of School – June 6, 2014

A new school year has arrived! The opening of classes was very successful. We praise the Lord for His guidance and your prayers for the school and us all. We have added quite a number of children to last year’s students. Also, adding the fourth grade contributed to the overall growth of the school. During the enrollment process, we learned that there were many more families who wanted their children to attend our school than what we were able to accommodate in our limited facilities. Some of the parents kept coming back asking us to please let their child enroll as they had heard about the good performance of the school. And so, our school has grown from 93 students who attended classes last year to 140 who will attend this year. We are very humbled to know that the hand of the Lord is upon our work and the school has gained good reputation in the area.

Following is the list of the enrolled students by grades:

Kindergarten: 31
1st Grade: 33
2nd Grade: 30
3rd Grade: 31
4th grade: 15
Total: 140

Due to our limited classroom capacity (17-18 desks), the children from kindergarten to 3rd grade are divided into two sessions – one class in the morning and another one in the afternoon. Only the 4th grade is having whole day classes.

This year also brings three new teachers to join our faculty:

Janice Angelle A Janice Angelle A., a computer teacher

Janice graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education majoring in Science. You may remember the new government requirement to teach computer science in schools in such a way that it requires a full-time computer teacher. Thanks to the generosity of one of our sponsors, our new computer lab is getting equipped and Janice will be busy passing her computer knowledge to the little minds.

Edelyn A Edelyn A., 1st grade teacher

Edelyn also graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education majoring in Science.

Edelyn steps in to replace our last year Grade 1 teacher Gesine S. who got married this past summer and moved out of the area. Even though we were sad to see Gesine go, we are happy to welcome Edelyn.

Jezreel D

Jezreel D., 2nd grade teacher

Jezreel graduated with a Bachelor in Elementary Education and had previously taught in a public school.

Jezreel is a sister of our Kindergarten teacher Dharine (who has been with us since we first started) and is a very valuable addition to the school’s operation.

We trust we will be able to share more about our faculty and staff in the weeks ahead so that you will have the opportunity to get to know them better.

We are very excited to start this new school year and have high expectations. Please pray with us so that the children and their families find their calling and election in Christ Jesus. Thank you for all your support and care.

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