Posted by: Admin | May 4, 2014

Summer Renovation

The following are the materials used for the renovation of the school for the upcoming school year 2014-2015. What looks like bundles of sticks are materials used for the new chairs.

These are the materials for painting the Science Laboratory and Computer rooms, as well as the Principal’s Office. They will also be used for repainting chairs and tables as well as painting the new chairs.

The following is the Library area. Our two maintenance workers, Bro. Rolando and Bro. Lito, are scratching off the old paint so that it can get freshly repainted.

This is our kitchen area. Bro. Rolando is painting it to make it presentable to the parents who prepare meals for our feeding programs.

Have a peek into our stairway leading to the first floor.

And now comes our new Grade four room. It’s hard to believe we will already have fourth-graders! New chairs will get added to this room as well as a new ceiling fan and lights.

This is the computer area. It is being repainted and three computer units will be installed together with a new air conditioner.

The Science Laboratory has already been repainted and is ready for the first scientists to begin their work!

Finally, have a look at Bro. Lito creating new chairs.

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