Posted by: Admin | February 8, 2014

Children’s Flood Testimonies

We continue to praise our Lord Jesus Christ for His faithful care of us all. In times of peril and in flood, He remains the Shepherd of His flock. The following are a few of our children’s testimonies given of Jesus’ faithfulness during this past tropical storm in Butuan City.

By Christine Mae (Grade 3)

A blessed day to everyone! The love of the Lord is so unconditional, but time has come that we experienced some trials and difficulties to test how we really trust God. Like what had happened in our place. Not only flood but I’ve seen landslide, the river overflow, some of the animals died, drown due to the flood. So many people were affected and suffered. Inside our house the water came in but not too deep unlike in some other places that they needed to evacuate to the evacuation centers. I and my family thank God for that. I can’t forget of what had happen to us and I pray that that will never came back again. It is God who really answers our prayers.

By Elenith (Grade 2)

I am Elenith and my brother ‘s name is Edrian. Last January we experienced a flood due to tropical depression, particularly here in Ampayon. It was so scary, the water came inside our house, our clothing and some our things were all wet. Our neighbor tells us to evacuate but we don’t, my family and I just continued to pray that God will protect us and let the flood out. I know God sees and He is there to care for us. God is good. May the hand of God be upon us to protect us always. Love you in Christ.

By Kurt Rico (Grade 3)

God is so good always and kind. He is powerful. As the heavy rainfalls for 2 more weeks it cause to flood everywhere here in Butuan. Some of our neighbors leaves their houses and stay in the evacuation centers, they also ask us to leave and be with them, but my mother said that we will trust God and continue to pray that the rain would stop and do believe that He will answer our prayer, not just us but to all who calls for Him and who suffers the calamity. Finally, He is an answer prayer God. The heavy rain stopped and we are saved. Praise the Lord.

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