Posted by: Admin | January 13, 2014

Half-Way around the World

(Written by Johanna)

Previously, I wrote how Mrs. Atencio, a fifth grade teacher, encouraged her students to undertake a fundraising project for KMM School. Well, a few weeks ago they invited us back to their General Assembly where they presented us with a giant check for $160! They had also made a video presentation of the school activities of the past month, which included their Philippine fundraising project! We saw video footage of the students sewing the recycled grocery bags and explaining why they were doing it.

My Grandpa Herrig and I were able to thank them for their diligent work and efforts and let them know that every little thing they did (planning, sewing the recycled shopping bags, making pictures and letters to send to the children in the Philippines [see below], selling the bags, etc.) was an absolute huge blessing. We were also able to tell them that despite the recent typhoon that hit the Philippine Islands, the children and families of KMM School are safe, which they were very happy to hear. Overall, it was a great privilege to share with these children and see them get excited about helping other students half-way around the world.

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