Posted by: Admin | October 19, 2013

US Children Raising Money for KMMS

Class 1Written by Johanna

Recently, Mrs. Atencio, a fifth-grade teacher, invited my Grandpa, George Herrig, my brother and I to speak to her class about the Kingdom Message Ministry School. Her class is learning about kids helping other kids this semester and Mrs. Atencio thought this a perfect opportunity for her kids to put into practice what they were learning.

For an art project, the students are making shopping bags out of recycled materials, which they will sell at school functions and give the proceeds raised to KMM School!

Having been to the Philippine school (in my Grandpa’s case, several times), we were invited to give a presentation to the students about the school and the Philippines. The kids loved seeing the photo slideshow we created and listened attentively- some even took notes!

We gave our presentation to two groups of twenty-five students and both times the students asked lots of questions, ranging from the school to the Philippines itself. It was exciting to share with these students and see their excitement. “I hope we’ll raise $6,000!” one boy declared. Well, I don’t know that it will be that much, but whatever they give, it will be a great blessing! 🙂

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