Posted by: Admin | June 14, 2013

The New School Year Has Started!

We are very happy to let you all know that we have started a new school year this week, Monday, June 10. It is very good to see the little smiling faces again and be able to impart God’s life and knowledge to their souls. Once the initial business settles down a bit, we will be able to give you more detailed news about our enrollments, new teachers, principal, and other things. For right now, we trust you will enjoy seeing a few pictures from the first day in school and the newly remodeled premises. You may notice that the new teacher’s uniforms perfectly match the color of the newly painted building. 🙂 You may also remember the parents’ comments from last year, “The teachers of this school are beautiful, but their desks are not.” 🙂 Well, the desks look much better this year. A big THANK YOU to all of you who made the start of this new school year a success.

First Day of School

School Supplies Preparation

Kindergarten Room

Grade 1 Room

Grade 2 Room

Grade 3 Room – Newly Built

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart


  1. Looks wonderful.

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