Posted by: Admin | April 12, 2013

School Building Reconstruction

One may think that when the children leave the school premises to enjoy their summer holidays (April and May for us), the staff can put their feet up and enjoy their own vacation. Well, not so really. The administrative staff here turns into a productive shopping crew; the school counselor calls his friends and they cut, hammer and paint all that is around them. The school building hasn’t received much upgrade since the beginning of its existence and it has become obvious that we cannot survive another year with the peeling-off paint and squeaky fans. In addition to this, the current premises cannot get certified for teaching the third grade without putting up another room of a decent size. (It’s hard to believe that we will already have third-graders!)

The building we are renting for the school is a former hospital. The rooms do not match the standard school sizes which are so common in the Philippines and which can hold up to 60 students. However, they are good enough to use. Our landlord is gracious enough to let us tear down and re-build whatever we please and so we are taking advantage of it. The open space on the upper floor that used to serve as a library is being closed in and a new classroom will be available for the new school year. Also, the inside walls are getting a new coat – see for yourselves. And so, everybody is in a hurry to finish the job as the mandatory summer kindergarten classes will start soon and the children’s voices will again fill the hallways.

We just want to thank you all for your generous support. If it were not for God’s mercies shown to us through you, this work would never be able to continue. Thank you so much again.


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