Posted by: Admin | November 13, 2012

A Few Words of Appreciation

From a 1st Grade Teacher:

My Dear Brethren,

Have a nice and wonderul day! May the Holy Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us always. I am so thankful that I am part of this school and I am so blessed for doing things for the better future of the children. I am imparting to them a lot of knowledge that they deserve to gain. I am so inspired to work for good because of the people who help to achieve the children’s goals and ambitions in life and that’s you and the ministry. May God give you more blessings to share.

Thank you,
Teacher Mimi

From a mother of a 6-year-old kindergartener:

Dear Madam/Sir,

A pleasant day to you! I never expected that such rare opportunity would come to my son, Nico Angelo, and I never thought that he could be the one to be so blessed as to be able to attend the school. It has been a great assurance for my son’s future since we were not able to send him to school properly before. In fact, we have hard times just to earn our everyday living. My husband and I are very grateful to the Almighty God who has granted us this blessing. Also, to the people who make it possible. I am very much grateful that now my child can go to school with this rare chance of assistance from kind-hearted people.

May the Heavenly Father bless our families with love and care.

Respecfully yours,
Nenet G.

[Note: Nico Angelo is still waiting for his sponsor. If you would like to take upon yourself the sponsorship of this precious child, please contact us at]

From a 1st grader:

Good day Brethren,

My dream in life is to finish my study. I want to become a good follower of God. I want to become a preacher, because the greatest profession in this world is to serve God. He is the one who gave us all the satisfaction in life. God never fails us. He never leaves us. He always guides us. He loves us so much.

God bless us all,
Orlan M.

Picture by Orlan M.

Picture Drawn by Orlan M.

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