Posted by: Admin | August 7, 2012

Mission Trip – July 2012

We were once again able to make a trip to the Philippine Islands. This time our main focus was to attend to some of the business issues that have arisen in our activities in Mindanao Island. When the devil comes and begins to steal, kill and destroy, it just brings more of a confirmation that God is very much involved in what He has entrusted to His people.

Our team arrived in Butuan City and held one business meeting after another. They were able to make a number of changes with regards to the school establishment, both financially and spiritually. The school board now consists of 60% Filipino and 40% Foreign. Banking account was modified in order to bring the school up to the modern standards of safe money transfer and internet banking. Many things concerning the lives of our associates in the Philippines were changed and are being conformed into the image of God’s dear Son Jesus. We praise God for all He has done in this regard.

In addition to the Kingdom Message Ministry Foundation School, our team had two meetings at the Bible school (The Haggai School of Ministry) about an hour’s drive south of Butuan. They were able to deliver to them two brand new laptop computers (donated by a brother from Georgia) in which they were absolutely delighted. Brother Tomas was on hand to teach them how to use the Bible programs, the concordance and word dictionaries. They also had two meetings on Sunday, July 22, first at Brother Lito’s fellowship and later at the School where other elders attended along with the parents of many of the children from the school.

And how our sponsorship program is proceeding? We are very blessed to learn again how grateful the families of the sponsored children are. Words cannot express their gratitude. So far this year, we have a total of 117 students. 37 of them are able to pay a small fee which helps with the support of the school. 51 students have already found their sponsors and 29 are still waiting.

We thank God for what He has done for us so far this year and are looking forward to seeing the fruit of His work in the little ones that have been entrusted to us. Thank you for being part of this work.

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