Posted by: Admin | May 4, 2012

Summer Classes

Hello again from the Philippines. The parents of the sponsored children thank God for your continued support and love. They extend their warmest greetings to their sponsors and to the ministry as well. 

The summer classes are going well. They started April 2 and will continue till May 25 (8 weeks summer class curriculum). There are 23 children enrolled of which most of them will be Grade 1 students this coming June. The classes are divided into two. The Grade 1 to be children are attending their classes every morning from 8:00-11:00; their lessons focus on reading and writing. The kindergarten classes run from 1:00-3:30 PM. The lessons focus on readiness in reading and writing. Both morning and afternoon sessions dedicate 30 minutes every day to Bible stories and singing unto the Lord before the actual classes begin.

Thank you again for being part of this blessed endeavor to change lives of the next generation in the Philippines.

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