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School Opening & Building Upgrades

As the summer slowly reaches its end, we continue to pray that the Filipino children would be allowed back in school. Originally, the officials confirmed the children will not attend school until a vaccine to protect against Covid-19 would become available. Later, the beginning of the school year was set at August 24. However, as of now, this hope has been deferred to October 5. KMMS has scheduled parent’s orientation meeting for September 25 (to be held in small groups) to take the families through the complicated process of the upcoming school year. While some countries are considering not opening schools at all and calling 2020 a “dead” year, we trust Philippines will keep their start date in October. Please pray with us that the children are able to continue their education.

KMMS is planning a virtual Recognition and Graduation for September. As the 6th grade students (the elementary school graduates) missed their opportunity for their special day in March and the 8th grade students didn’t get a chance to say good-bye to each other, KMMS staff has been working with the parents on this special virtual event. We will send details to you as soon as they become available.

Even though the beginning of the school year has been postponed, it didn’t stop our diligent staff from upgrading the school premises. We are very pleased with all the work that has been done on the school buildings and trust you will enjoy seeing a few pictures of “before and after”.

Thank you very much for your sacrificial giving. None of these building upgrades would be possible without your sponsorship and donations. Also, our teachers would like to extend their “THANK-YOUS” to you for allowing them to be employed during these troublesome times. May the Lord bless you for all you do.

School Entrance

3rd Floor Terrace

Stage Area

Newly Painted Classrooms

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Newly Painted Administrative Offices

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New Teaching Arrangements Amid COVID-19

As the countries around the world are slowly opening up, they all face the question of how to approach education under the “new-norm”. The Philippines are no exception. Much has been discussed and proposals made and the school year beginning postponed from June to August. In the midst the children can’t wait to join their classmates for another grade adventure.

The KMM Schools will reopen for face-to-face classes on August 19. New changes include a smaller number of students being allowed on the school premises at one time. They will be required to follow the protocols of social distancing, wearing masks, proper hand washing and applying of disinfectants to desks, chairs, doors and other contact surfaces. The students will rotate in classes, receive instructions and complete their studies at home.

In the meantime, before the school year starts, KMMS will conduct modified “homeschooling” lessons. Teachers will print worksheets for their students based on their Learning Continuity Plan; the parents will pick these up and have their children work through them. On Fridays the parents will return the worksheets and receive new ones. Evaluations and examinations will be conducted to ensure the students understand their lessons.

We do not know exactly what the days and months ahead will bring, but we are confident that God has every one of them in His hands and will give the teachers wisdom how to help our children make another step in their education.

We want to sincerely thank you for your continued support. Thanks to your sponsorships and contributions we were able to keep our teachers employed through these challenging times, make building upgrades during the summer months and will be able to purchase school supplies and uniforms even for the non-sponsored students once the school reopens. Many of our students will be returning this new school term along with new students as well. Please continue to pray for the KMM School, its students, and the staff, as they adjust to these new standards that are being implemented throughout the Philippines.

May the Lord bless you for your continued generosity.

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KMMS Summer Reconstruction & Repair

Dear Sponsors and Donors,

This has been a most difficult time throughout the world and the KMM School has also been affected. All the schools in the Philippines closed two weeks before their school term ended and at the present time on Mindanao Island many of the residents are required to stay within their homes.

The KMMS is hopeful that the staff will be able to return to the school building in order to begin the repairs and reconstruction that are done annually while they are between yearly school terms.

We would like to present to you a list below of the repairs that are needed in the next few months plus some additional expenses for the beginning of the new school year:

2020 Reconstruction Budget

TOTAL OF ALL ESTIMATED BUDGET: 212,836.00 ($4,257)

Please note that the staff will be cleaning and painting all desks, tables, and bookcases. This is in addition to preparing their rooms for the new school session.

If you’re able to, and would like to contribute to the Summer Reconstruction & Repair project, please send your checks to:

Adirondack Christian Ministries
190 Fox Street
Esperance, NY 12066

Thank you all for your continued support for the KMM School. Your support is greatly appreciated. Many children’s lives are being changed through your generous contributions.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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Greetings from the Philippines

Dear Sponsors & Donors,

In these troubling times when the world is seemingly spinning out of control, we are blessed to know that our God gives abundant peace to those who call upon His name. We pray His peace upon each and every one of you.

Even though Kingdom Message Ministry School has been shut down due to the COVID-19 and the whole Butuan City is locked down from neighboring areas, we are receiving news of everyone doing well and staying healthy. Thanks to a number of our generous donors we were able to send a special support to the KMMS staff, which enabled them to purchase emergency necessities that had otherwise been outside of their regular budget. Their excitement was beyond measure. They were very touched not only by receiving so much needed financial support, but also by knowing that somewhere on the other side of the world, there are people who care for their well-being.

Before the various countries closed their borders, Brothers Mark Jantzi and George Herrig were able to visit the Philippines and spend ten days ministering to the KMMS children, their families, staff, and brethren in the Butuan City area. They came back very encouraged by what they had encountered and how well everybody is doing. [You can read their detailed reports here.] As a result of their trip we can show you the precious faces of those who have greatly benefited from your sacrifices. Enjoy the pictures and may the Lord bless you for all you do for these children and their families.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Sending you smiles

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Thank You for Your Support in 2019

As the year 2019 is coming to an end, we are once again bringing you many greetings from the Philippines. Words cannot express our thankfulness to you all for your wonderful support during this year. Thanks to your prayers and generosity we have been able to teach 157 children who, under other circumstances, would never be able to prosper in such a way. Our prayer is that as we approach 2020 His blessings and presence would abide in you and in your homes.

As we look to the future of KMMS, we are “confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in Kingdom Message Ministry School will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Php 1:6).

Thank you for partnering with us as we bring the gospel of the Kingdom of God to the people of the Philippines.

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This Year’s New Teachers

It is always enjoyable to start a new school year. For the faculty and staff of Kingdom Message Ministry School, June brings more than new students into their school premises. It also brings a few new teachers, who very shortly become new friends. Let us introduce to you our new teachers for 2019-2020.

Edgene Nacua, a lively 23 year old educator, teaches the 1st grade students. She is freshly married, but is planning on establishing her teaching career before having children. Even though she lives in Butuan City, her home is quite a distance from KMMS. Therefore, she chooses to stay in a boarding house closer to the school.

Edgene is the oldest child in her family with two younger sisters. She graduated from Caraga state University in 2016, where she received degree in Elementary Education. Her love for children has birthed a deep desire in her to become a teacher to help her pupils grow to mature adults. Her favorite subjects to teach are English and Filipino. She considers it extremely important to share Bible stories with her students and impart into them a desire for having a relationship with God and a viable prayer life.

She is learning to play guitar, loves to read, and watch TV. She also very much enjoys exploring and would like to travel to various places in the world.

Jellyn Lara is a 23 year old 2nd grade teacher. She lives with her family close to KMM School. She has two brothers and one sister; her father passed away several years ago. She graduated from Caraga State University in 2018 with Bachelor of Elementary Education. Her favorite is to teach math. She used to pass by the KMMS every day and dream of getting a job here. Once she was able to apply, she prayed much that she would be selected.

Jellyn considers praying with the children very important. She selects scripture verses for the children to memorize and explains these to them. She also shares many Bibles stories with them and encourages them to sing praises together.

In the past, Jellyn aimed at being an engineer. However, after she was given an opportunity to teach Sunday School at her church and be part of the children’s outreach ministry, she experienced a turning point in her desire for a future career. Teaching has become her passion.

Clarice Alquizar is a 22 year old first-year teacher and was hired to instruct 6th grade pupils in KMMS. She has three sisters and one brother. Because she lives far away from the school premises, she currently resides with her church friends closer to the school. She graduated from Suriago Del Sur State University in 2018 as Bachelor of Secondary Education and majored in biology and science. She heard about KMMS from a church friend and decided to apply for a job.

Clarice’s passion is to work with children in order to give them better opportunity to become good citizens and spiritual children. She puts a very significant emphasis on teaching the Bible and making sure her students understand what it says. Her hobbies and free time revolve around her relationship with the Lord and participating in church activities where she also sings in a choir. As most of the young Filipino, she would like to travel abroad one day.

Let us welcome our new teachers and wish them a very blessed school year!

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The School Year 2019-2020 Has Started!

Dear Sponsors & Supporters of KMM School,

As the new school year has started, we are pleased to report how delighted we are with the changes that have been introduced. Our plan of slightly reducing the number of students per class in order to be able to provide full day classes has been bringing forth its fruit. Not only does it give the teachers the ability to dedicate more time to the core subjects, but also to increase number of physical education classes from once a month to two times a week. We are also very pleased with the extra space that our new rooms have created for some of the larger classes.

When the team from the U.S.A. visited the school in June, they were able to introduce new physical education activities, for example, jump ropes and the game of Jacks. The children enjoyed it so much that they made use of every break to jump and play outside in the designated areas.

The school has already begun the government prescribed monthly programs. Last month it was the nutrition program with the theme of “Eat properly and be active … let’s push it!” Grades 2 and 8 became the winners of the student competition creating posters and slogans in lower and higher grades respectively.

Our sponsorship progress this year is as follows:

Thank you very much for your continuous support. We know that without you, the running of the school would be impossible. Thank you for being a part of this life-giving endeavor.

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KMM School’s Upcoming Changes

Dear Sponsors and Supporters of the KMM School,

It is always a joy to visit the KMM School and observe its progress, which we did during our trip in February. The current school year ends in mid-March. Both parents and children alike were very appreciative of the impact the school has had in their lives and the community.

Our current staff is dedicated to their respective positions and we were pleased to see them perform these responsibilities well. The staff is devoted towards instruction in classes and additionally, as encouragement with regards to the individual pupil’s growth. Through the years we have witnessed the maturing of the children. It is gratifying to see your investment in them bringing a great return.

We want to share with you some of the changes that will be implemented in the coming new school term. The past school term we encountered many cost overruns mainly due to much overtime paid to the teachers. This was due to split classes at the School as most of the grades were running one group of children in the morning session and another group in the afternoon, five hours each. In order for us to insure the financial solvency of the KMM School, we will be returning to all day classes and stay at the current level of Kindergarten through 8th grade without adding the 9th grade.

During our visit, the teachers at KMMS and the Department of Education confirmed these changes. The teachers voiced unanimity in all day classes in order to facilitate a better educational environment for the students. We visited the Department of Education and they were in total agreement. They said, “Quality is always better than quantity.”

Going forward into the next school term, which starts June 2019, the following changes will take place:

  1. The number of students per class size will be slightly reduced. This allows for the size of the class to be in proportion to the dimension of the existing classrooms.
  2. We are also introducing two new larger classrooms in the current buildings to accommodate more children in the largest classes. This will facilitate the elimination of split classes in a couple of grades.
  3. In doing the above, it allows the following to be established:
    • Library
    • Faculty Room

Based on our experience from the past years we believe that through attrition of students lost by school transfers, excessive unauthorized absenteeism and moving to other areas, our somewhat smaller student enrollment will be attained. Children desiring to return will be able to do so.

Because of the all-day classes that are being planned, our students will have the benefit of Physical Education twice a week, which proved to be very difficult to accomplish so far due to the class time constraints.

With the aforementioned changes it is our belief they will serve to improve the quality of education at the KMM School.

Thank you for your continued support. Rest assured that your sacrifice on behalf of the KMM School children is not in vain but is bringing forth its fruit.

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Reflecting on God’s Goodness

Dear Sponsors & Supporters of Kingdom Message Ministry School:

As we begin the New Year of 2019, we take time to reflect on God’s goodness towards our beneficiaries during 2018.

The KMM School is now in its 9th year of operations. This has been made possible through the support of the many sponsors in the Czech Republic, USA and Africa as well as additional personal donations and various fundraising events (youth concerts, garage sales, yard sales, and others). These all have contributed to the statement that “many hands make the burden lighter.”

Over the years we have learned how much influence the KMMS is making in the Butuan area in the Philippines. We know it directly impacts the students and the staff. But have you ever considered how many other people are indirectly impacted? The average family in the Philippines has 5 members, which would include parents and siblings. Based on that rate when you multiply the students and staff, KMMS is having a direct impact on the lives of close to 1,000 people!

Take it a step further. These 1,000 people are receiving Christian influence from the students and staff of KMMS. This is making a powerful impact in the lives of

these children,

their families, and

their communities.

In fact, many children and their parents have come to salvation in Jesus Christ just through the existence of the KMM School.

This scripture in Mark 10 comes to mind:

Mark 10:13, And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them.
14 But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
15 Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.
16 And he took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

May God bless you as well for your sacrificial giving and care, for your endeavoring to be part of this work in the Philippines. May we continue to labor and build His Kingdom in the lives of these children.

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New KMMS Teachers

The school year of 2018-2019 is progressing very well with 220 pupils in 9 grades. Some of the grades run morning and afternoon sessions with two different groups of children, others hold all day classes. Our teachers are not only busy with regular lessons, but also special programs and celebrations prescribed by the Department of Education, for example Language Month and Nutrition Month Celebrations.

Language Month Celebration

Nutrition Month Celebration

We are very grateful for this year’s group of teachers. Their dedication and enthusiasm for their jobs and especially for making a difference in the lives of KMMS children is a pleasure to watch. In addition to teaching regular school subjects, they are also very dedicated to teaching the Word of God to the little hearts.

We would like to introduce to you our new teachers who joined us this school year.

Sheryl M. Sabales (Kindergarten)

Sheryl is 23 years old, is married and has a 9 months old son. Her husband, Michael, works for his mother in a public market.

Sheryl comes from a family of 9; she has 3 brothers and 5 sisters. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Caraga State University and the current school year is her first year of teaching. She lives close to the school so she doesn’t have to spend much time traveling to and from work.

Sheryl very much enjoys singing and dancing. Teaching is her passion. She likes teaching everything, but science has a special place in her heart. Above all, her greatest desire is to impart the Word of God to the hearts of the children. Most of her classes are taught in English except, when needed, Filipino is used. She gives her all in everything she does.

Jay-Ann T. Mabaga (Grade 1)

Jay-Ann is a single 21 year old who lives with her parents in Doongan (within 1 hour distance from KMMS). She is the 2nd oldest of 6 children; she has 2 sisters and 3 brothers. She loves reading, she also loves children, and has compassion for the poor.

Jay-Ann completed her Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education in Agusan College Incorporated (ACI). As can be seen from her choice of a bachelor’s degree, she prefers to teach older children, but feels that it is God’s plan for her to work in Kingdom Message Ministry School at this time. She teaches in English, yet speaks in her mother tongue when it is needed for better understanding. Her favorite subjects are Biology and English. This is her first year of teaching.

Jay-Ann loves teaching. She believes learning is a big part of a child’s life and she wants to have a part in it.

Maria Victoria Ebuna (Grade 2)

Maria is a single 23 year old and lives in Magallanes with her parents and one sister. She has to travel quite a long distance to get to school. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Secondary Education in Northern Mindanao Colleges in Cabadbaran and came to KMMS with one year of experience in another private school.

Maria wanted to be a teacher since her 3rd grade when she got inspired by her teacher. Even though she prefers to teach high school level, she is very grateful for her job at KMMS as this position gives her the opportunity to follow her dream job and passion. She really enjoys teaching Science and Biology but also MAPEH (music, art, physical education, and health). She instructs her pupils mostly in English, but uses her mother tongue as needed; for example, one student in her class doesn’t speak any English.

Maria plays some guitar and likes to sing in a choir. We are very grateful to have her on board this year.

Christeline D. Alcuizar (Grade 6)

Chisteline is a single 24 year old. She lives with her grandmother very near the school. She is the 2nd oldest of a family of 7. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Elementary Education in Caraga State University and has one year of teaching experience. She loves to teach children, especially the little ones. She loves to teach English and Filipino, instructs mostly in English, but switches to her mother tongue for better understanding

Growing up Christeline herself was a sponsored child, like a majority of KMMS children. She received her scholarship from the Municipality of Butuan City. Christeline is very confident and really enjoys teaching. She has two dreams – she would love to travel around the world and learn how to drive.

New KMMS Teachers

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