Sponsor a Child

Kingdom Message Foundation is constantly looking to the Lord for sponsors who would take upon themselves supporting one or even more children. The school has currently been running on a very limited budget, but always able to meet its ends. As the ministry to the children in the Philippines is expanding, we are currently looking for sponsors for about 30 children.

For $30 a month or $360 a year, your sponsored child receives:

  • Education at a Christian school they would never be able to afford
  • School supplies
  • School uniform
  • Participation in a monthly feeding program providing them with highly nutritious food
  • Christian discipleship
  • Spiritual growth activities for their families

As the Kingdom Message Foundation sponsor, you will be provided with:

  • A photo of your sponsored child
  • Basic information such as name and family background
  • A picture that your child has drawn with a letter from them/their family
  • An update on your child’s progress once every 6 months

Note: After making your first donation, you will receive an access to our database of children still available for sponsorship. If you would like more information prior to making a donation, please contact us.

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