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Feeding Program Resumed

After numerous changes and activities during the first few weeks things have settled down to a normal routine and we were able to resume our favorite weekly feeding program. As in previous years, the parents took the responsibility for preparing nutritional food for both the children and the staff. You can see the grateful faces of the recipients, which are saying, “Thank you for all your care for us.”

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2017 Nutrition Month Celebration

As each year, Kingdom Message Ministry School celebrated the mandatory Nutrition Month as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. This year’s theme was “Healthy diet, gawing habit – for life!” (“Healthy diet – make it a habit for life!”)

The National Nutrition Council aimed to achieve the following objectives in the schools with this activity:

  1. Promote the consumption of healthier foods and discourage the eating of unhealthy foods
  2. Encourage families and individuals to eat a balanced diet with a variety of food in the right quantity and maintain an ideal body weight to reduce obesity and non-communicable diseases
  3. Create awareness among them on making the right choices of food
  4. Encourage the food industry, producers, distributors, and farmers to make healthy foods available to all

KMMS’s activities were very successful. Everyone was very cooperative and enjoyed their time together.

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Teacher’s Seminar

When the last week in July approached, the School Division Superintendent called all teachers to attend a seminar on Classroom Management. Our teachers very much appreciated this opportunity and gained much knowledge which they have already begun to put into practice. You can see their happy faces in the pictures below.

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New School Premises

Dear Sponsors and Supporters of Kingdom Message Ministry School,

In July we were able to show you how our school building was taken apart and then put back together (to view the pictures, please follow this link). This time we would like to show you at least some of the premises in their 2017 final state. We are so blessed to know that all the summer reconstruction was finished in time for the new school year and we can again enjoy our classrooms and offices to their fullest capacity.

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Summer 2017 in the Philippines

Greetings from the Philippines! The new school year 2017-2018 has started and everyone is happy to be together once again. Before we get to introduce to you our new faculty and staff and show you our children in their new uniforms, we would like to show you the exciting changes our school building had gone through over the summer months (April & May).

During the course of the last school year it was discovered that termites damaged much of the main building. The owner of the property scheduled major remodeling for the summer and kept his word. A number of workers spent several weeks taking apart and putting back together what would once again become “our” school.

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Once the pillars and walls were back in their places, the cleaning/painting/decorating crew of parents, teachers and students stepped into their places and got the classrooms ready to receive their little people. We are very grateful for all those who rendered their services as well as all those who made it possible by donating their resources. May the Lord bless you for your generosity.

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KMM School’s First Graduates

It is hard to believe that the school year 2016-2017 has already come to an end. It is even harder to believe that we have completed the 7th year of operating Kingdom Message Ministry School. Even though these numbers may not mean much to most people, they are very significant to us. Concluding the 7th year brings with it our first graduates! How is this possible? In order to understand this, we need to share with you more about the Philippine education system.

Prior to 2011, the number of years of formal schooling in the Philippines used to be one of the shortest in the world (only Angola and Djibouti shared the 10-year basic-education structure). The educational ladder had a 6+4 structure, (i.e., six years of elementary education and four years of secondary education). However, major educational reforms have been implemented to lengthen formal schooling to 12 years on a 6+4+2 structure. A year of kindergarten has also been added, with children beginning their formal education at the age of 5 (versus 7 previously) starting with the academic year 2011-2012. [Note: Philippine private schools, including KMMS, have operated a seven-year curriculum starting a year earlier than public schools.] The extra two years in the 12-year basic education program have been added at the senior high school level, which is an entirely new tier of the education system designed to better prepare students for higher studies or the job market.[1]

With KMM School completing the 7th year of its operation, our first Kindergarteners turned into our first elementary education Graduates. We are very blessed to see these children succeed and are looking forward to awarding the Certificate of Graduation to their younger friends in the years to come.


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Visit to the Philippines

KMMS Teachers

Our team of four visited the Philippine Islands once again in February 2017. It consisted of Burt and Nancy Asbill, George Herrig and Mark Jantzi. We were quite busy with the work at the KMM School. As the school term is coming to a close, we found that we will be replacing a number of staff who have chosen to move on to the public schools where they can make more money. It seems that the public school system has been infused with new money and they plan to hire more teachers. We do not fault them with that desire for they can make double the salary than what we can offer. We bid them well and trust God that He will guide them in their lives. Our principal, Marissa, believes we will be able to replace them with new teachers with the same talents or more.

During this time in the Philippines, we attended to numerous administrative matters in addition to our general meetings. We also spent much time with the children of KMM School holding several teaching sessions.

Teaching Children

During the last Sunday meeting at the school, we were very surprised with the gift of much native fruit the parents presented to us – so much more than we could possibly eat. We were so humbled by their generosity.

Thank you so much for all of your support. Your care, concern and generous contributions enable us to help those who need it most.

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Children of KMMS

By Sister Nancy Asbill

Once again we would like to share a report from KMMS in the Philippines. Since the school began, there has been a desire to see children learn and excel. The vision was to bring children from very poor families and give them an opportunity to learn and be in school, but also to share with them the love of Jesus.

Through the years of diligence and perseverance of those working at and with the school, one can see this vision is a reality. Today we will take you to the school and introduce you to several of the very special children of KMMS. I saw a quote once, “If your life inspires just one child, your life has been a success.” Dwight L. Moody was quoted as saying, “If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.”

Let us meet some of these special treasures at KMMS.

2016-07-suson-shanaineHere is Shanaine Kate C. Suson. She has such a sweet smile as she comes to sit down and talk with me. She speaks English quite well and explains to me that her father taught her English. At the school they also teach the children how to speak English, so with her father’s help, along with the school, she has excelled.

Shanaine tells me she is ten years old and in 5th grade. She has been at the school since 2nd grade and especially likes science and math and enjoys reading very much. Since Shanaine enjoys learning at KMMS, it is no surprise that she has the distinction of being first in her class.

Shanaine lives with her parents and grandparents. The grandparents have shared their home with Shanaine, her parents, and her sister and brother. Her father works as a mechanic. Another favorite thing Shanaine likes to do is cook with her mother and grandmother; she also likes helping to buy the vegetables and fruits at the market. Shanaine likes making cakes and someday she would like to be a chef in a restaurant. One day she hopes to study at a culinary school to learn how to be a chef. With her eagerness and willingness to work hard, one day we might just be able to eat some of her culinary delights at a local restaurant. It is time for Shanaine to return to class and here comes Gezer Luba.

2016-07-luba-gezerGezer Luba is a shy little 4th grader that is nine years old and he has been at KMMS since he was in nursery school (pre-school, as some call it). As Gezer begins to talk to me, you can tell he is determined to do well in school and in 3rd grade he was first in his class. He tells me he likes to listen to his teacher and likes learning English. He especially likes reading and writing. Some of his favorite books to read are jungle books. He does admit science and education of home economics are not his favorite subjects to learn, but he assured me he works hard to do them anyway.

Gezer lives with his single mother and grandparents. His face lit up as he told me about helping his grandpa. Gezer will help his grandpa do carpentry projects and take care of their many chickens, including gathering eggs. Gezer says one of the foods he likes the most to eat is eggs.

Another thing Gezer likes to do is draw – he spends his free time drawing houses, hoping one day to be an engineer or architect.

Gezer’s total school education has been at KMMS and you can see he is truly an example of the quality of the education he is receiving.

2016-07-trasmonte-beyonceLet us now meet Beyonce Ehrich T. Trasmonte. For such a young lady she sure has a big name. Beyonce might not be real tall but she has a big heart and enjoys school. She is ten and in 6th grade. Beyonce has been with KMMS six years as she started school here in 1st grade. Beyonce especially likes reading and speaking English and one of her favorite things to do is read, particularly true stories. She also likes math, especially subtraction, art, science and learning the computer. One of her aspirations is to be a teacher. Beyonce thinks teaching ten year old children would be good.

Beyonce has a brother and two sisters. They live with her parents and grandparents.

I asked her what foods she likes the most and she said fruits and vegetables. Her favorite color is red.

Her mother works as a clerk in a store and right now her father helps at home and also does a lot of the cooking. With Beyonce’s desire to be a 6th grade teacher, God knows maybe one day she will be on the KMMS staff.

2016-07-lanon-christianLast, but not least, let us talk with Christian Luc M. Lanon, a 5th grader at KMMS. Christian is ten years old and has been at the school since 3rd grade.

Christian has attended different schools; he learned English at the Baptist school and after that went to a public school where he experienced a lot of bullying. Christian lives with his aunt and when she heard about KMMS, she wanted to enroll him here.

Christian likes being at the school and enjoys English, science and GMRC.

He wants to do well in school so one day he can have a job so he can help poor people.

At home Christian likes to help clean and wash dishes. His aunt runs a small shop her grandma gave her.

Christian said yes, he likes fruits and vegetables, but fried chicken is his favorite. Another fun thing for this young man is boxing with his older brother. I asked him if his older brother ever gives him a right jab, Christian said he is learning to “bob and weave” (meaning move around as not to get hit).

Christian is happy to be at KMMS. May he continue to grow in knowledge and know the love of God for himself to be able to help the poor and needy when he grows up.

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Bible as a Textbook

Beginning in September, our Guidance Counselor, Brother Allan, and the School Founder, Sister Merlinda, started to conduct special lessons for Grades 3 to 6 during Values Education, Good Manners and Right Conduct classes. They have chosen to use a Bible for their textbook in order to impart to the children the good habits that come through obedience to the Word of God. Our Principal, Sister Marissa, made the following statement, “As what I have observed, these studies bring lots of changes to the children’s everyday living. Some of our students already know how to find their way in the Bible and how important it is to have the Bible in their lives. I was very happy and surprised one day when I entered the Guidance Counselor’s office to see some of our students sitting on the floor and reading the Bible. I hope and pray that by God’s grace they will continue in what they have started.”

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Parent-Teacher Cooperation

The recent months brought a number of changes to the way we conduct our parent-teacher conferences. We have concluded that these meetings will be held on a monthly basis in order for the parents/guardians to be regularly updated on their child’s class performance and their behavior in the classroom as well as other school premises.

We have agreed upon the following cooperation between the teachers and parents: “The teacher’s work should supplement that of the parents, but it is not to take its place. In all that concerns the well-being of the child, it should be the effort of parents and teachers to cooperate.”

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